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One vendor develops an in-house mobile application to meet their challenge.

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Self-Performing vs. Non-Self Performing: The Debate Continues

Practically Speaking About Retail FM Blog:
August 13 - Do self-performing contractors really exist? Or, are you more likely to stumble across the Loch Ness Monster in your search for one? And is it self-performance that really matters?  This discussion gets a fair amount of play across the industry and rightly so, as we have seen in the proliferation of commentary on the topic. Read More

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“More than 125 supermarkets in North America are using secondary, cascade and transcritical refrigeration systems that either partially or completely utilize carbon dioxide as a natural refrigerant, according to a new study from market development company shecco, based in Brussels. In Canada, more than 65 food retail stores use, or have made a purchase order, for CO2 secondary, cascade, and transcritical refrigeration systems. CO2 transcritical in particular, is rapidly becoming an established industry standard. “North America presents a clear opportunity for natural refrigerant solution providers, but still remains a market of largely untapped potential,” said Nina Masson, shecco’s head of market research.”

Source: Green Retail Decisions

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