The purpose of this policy is to describe and define the expectations and appropriate behaviors that we have as members of the association. This policy is designed so as to be in complete alignment with PRSM values of professionalism, passion, and integrity.


PRSM commits to serve facilities management professionals and to lead the industry by providing resources, solutions networking and knowledge sharing. 

Ethics Mission Statement

To ensure and enhance the benefits of PRSM’s mission statement and to support an open and productive environment for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information through the ethical and accountable behaviors stated through the PRSM Ethics Policy. 


A.   All PRSM members are expected to comply with the PRSM Code of Ethics. When in doubt, members have the responsibility to seek clarification from PRSM.

B.   PRSM members shall always treat all individuals with whom they interact, member and non-member alike, with respect when dealing with matters which could reflect on their professional reputations.

C.  PRSM members shall abide by the PRSM and the Ethics mission statements.

D.  PRSM members shall govern themselves by the bylaws and policies of the association and shall support the objectives of its Board of Directors and the interests of the association. The Primary Member for each member organization shall be responsible to ensure that each individual member is fully educated, responsible for, and aware of the content of this policy.


A.   All members shall seek to foster and encourage the free flow of truthful and responsible information throughout the professional retail maintenance community to raise maintenance industry standards.

B.   All members shall conduct their business affairs in a professional manner with honesty and integrity.

C.  All members shall treat each other with courtesy and respect during PRSM functions or events. PRSM functions or events are defined as any organized, scheduled and sponsored PRSM networking event, such as the National or Mid-Year Conferences, PRSM LIVE, Retailer2Retailer, Canadian or other international events.

D. All members shall treat each other with courtesy and respect via electronic communications (e.g., PRSM X-Change forums, LinkedIn, Twitter) and strive to present themselves and their employers professionally.

E.   Suppliers and Retailers shall respect the confidential nature of the information that they may learn on PRSM X-Change forums, in person, in business meetings or at any PRSM event about their peers and respective companies.

F. All members have an obligation to comply with the Mission Statement and Code of Ethics.


Examples of unacceptable Code of Conduct behavior include, but not limited to:

  1. Retailers accepting personal favors or gifts from suppliers to gain retail business.
  2. Suppliers requiring subcontractors to disaffiliate with PRSM for any reason.
  3. In regard to each other’s competitors, members seeking unfair advantage by dishonest, unethical or questionable actions.
  4. If a retail or supplier company drops its membership, any reference to PRSM membership on websites, business cards and marketing materials should be removed immediately. Any use by a nonmember retail or supplier company or associate affiliated with the company should be reported to PRSM immediately.



A.   PRSM membership is a privilege, not a right, and may be suspended or terminated with cause.

B.   Conduct requiring review shall be reviewed by the Ethics Committee directly following the incident. The Ethics Committee, after making appropriate inquiry of the parties involved, shall determine whether or not to proceed further with an action.

C. Should the Ethics Committee decide that further action is necessary, they will forward the incident to the Board of Directors to render an opinion regarding the conduct in question.

D. Any action to be taken shall be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.

E.  A member who is found by the Board of Directors to have violated the Code of Ethics and who receives a sanction may appeal this determination by filing a Notice of Appeal no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the Letter of Determination. If an appeal is filed, the President of the Board of Directors shall appoint a three-member Appeal Panel of past members of the Board of Directors or Ethics Committee to review all information considered by the PRSM Ethics Committee. The matter will not go back to the Ethics Committee for review.

Within 60 days, the Panel shall make a decision to uphold or reverse the determination. The Appeal Panel may set aside the Board¹s determination that a violation has occurred or it may determine that the sanction imposed by PRSM is not appropriate and impose a less severe sanction. It cannot determine a more severe sanction.  The decision of the Appeal Panel shall constitute the final decision of PRSM with respect to all matters about this violation. 



A.   All members shall conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner, showing respect to others at all times.

B.   Any members with past due monies owed to PRSM are not permitted to attend any PRSM function or meeting until the situation is corrected.

C.  All members must be registered appropriately with PRSM in order to attend all PRSM meetings and conferences.

D.  All members are prohibited from attending or sponsoring any functions during the PRSM meetings or events that are not sponsored by PRSM that would compete with and draw members from a PRSM sponsored event. Retailers and Suppliers can, however, schedule individual meetings adjacent or within proximity of the PRSM scheduled events, such as meeting just outside of the exhibit hall when mutually agreed. Events scheduled within the event complex may be monitored and approved by PRSM.

E.   Non-exhibiting suppliers are permitted on the exhibit floor on select days to schedule appointments. Non-exhibiting suppliers are not permitted to solicit retailers on the exhibit floor. Any non-exhibiting suppliers found to be soliciting retailers on the exhibit floor will be escorted out of the conference. 


Examples of unacceptable behavior include but are not limited to:

  1. Altering or otherwise changing color of a badge during conference.
  2. A non-employed Retailer or supplier, consultant, registering under a retail or supplier company that they are not fully employed. A third party Integrated Service Provider (ISP) registering as a retailer.
  3. Exchanging badges with an attendee who has left the conference.
  4. Suppliers/Exhibitors not remaining within their booth areas and disrupting the activities of other suppliers.
  5. Non-exhibiting suppliers, or suppliers who are walking to/from their booths during the exhibit event preventing or impeding the retailers ability to efficiently walk the exhibit aisles and engage in conversation with the exhibiting vendors at their assigned booth.
  6. When non-exhibiting or exhibiting suppliers are engaged in a discussion at an exhibiting vendor’s booth and either party continues to remain at the booth and joins into the discussion with an approaching retailer without leaving and showing respect to the exhibitor’s space.
  7. Interrupting booth discussions in progress or pulling attendees from one booth to another.


F.   All attendees are expected to dress business casual or business attire, unless otherwise specified by PRSM. Attendees should always portray and emulate, through their dress and behaviors, the level of professionalism that is expected from the industry’s leading retail facility maintenance association to support the highest level of professional networking.

G.  All attendees shall wear their badges in a visible manner. Badges may not be traded with other conference attendees or non-registered attendees or be worn by anyone except the badge owner.

H. In the event of an Ethics Code of Conduct violation during a sponsored PRSM event, the following reporting protocol should be followed:

  1. Promptly notify a PRSM Staff Member in order to provide a brief description of the violation, for initial verbal confirmation.
  2. If warranted, provide PRSM with a formal grievance, filed on the official Grievance Form obtained through PRSM, preferably during the event or very soon after the date of the incident to ensure a timely response and review by PRSM.
  3. PRSM’s Ethics Committee will perform an initial review of the grievance and provide their recommendations to the PRSM Board of Directors based on their findings. (Please see the Three Strikes Policy for additional information).


    VI.    Definitions

  1. Suit-Casing Definition: Any activity designed to solicit or sell products or services to delegates attending a meeting, conference, or event without proper authorization by the event sponsor or in ways that violate the rules of the event or exhibition.

  2. Three Strike Policy: The Three Strikes policy is available upon request.  Please contact to review a copy.  


Download the Grievance Form here.