The Retail Facility Maintenance Professional (RFMP) program is designed exclusively for retail facility professionals to elevate industry standards and enhance individual performance. The RFMP designation is a retail-specific solution in the generic world of professional certifications. Founded in 2007, the RFMP program stands as a mark of excellence and has evolved to reflect what it takes to manage retail facilities in today's challenging climate.

Earning and maintaining the RFMP is a three-part process. Candidates must first meet eligibility requirements. The next step is to sit for and pass the RFMP exam. Once a candidate has earned the designation they must maintain it by fulfilling certification renewal requirements every three years.

Retail Facility Maintenance Professional (RFMP)   Access Restricted
Authors: Mike Lapointe, RFMP, Bose Corporation and Charisse Luckey, RFMP, Roto-Rooter Services Co.

PRSM answered an industry call and developed the professional designation known as the "Retail Facility Maintenance Professional" (RFMP) exclusively for retail facility managers.  The RFMP is a retail-specific solution covering eight assessment categories, not a one size fits all certification program.  PRSM has developed best practices that help prepare an individual to successfully pass the experience-based exam.

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