Committees Overview

Opportunities To Serve

PRSM Association has a variety of volunteer opportunities for members to choose.  Volunteers can serve in a number of ways and include submitting an article for the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Magazine or PRSM Weekly, our weekly e-newsletter; be a presenter, introducer or moderator at one of the PRSM Association Conferences throughout the year; volunteer to host a Retailer2Retailer; or volunteer to serve on a 2012-2013 Committee.

Committee appointments are typically for one year and occur in April, but open positions are filled throughout the year.  Committee meetings occur via phone conferencing and monthly time commitments averages 1-2 hours a month.  While serving on a Committee, Council, or Task Force is voluntary, PRSM Association’s committees do serious work. You will be asked to use your skills to accomplish the committee’s task and goals.

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Awards Committee – Advises the President of PRSM Association and the Board of Directors on industry issues that are arising across the membership. This group recommends action to the Board on Industry issues and serves as the thought leaders of the Industry by identifying and addressing arising issues that impact retail facilities.. read more.

Benchmarking Committee - Identifies common benchmarking data through the use of online data gathered by data service providers that is useful to retail member retail and vendors within the retail facility maintenance profession and to develop distribution channels for information that it collects to the general membership.. read more.

Best Practices Committee - Identifies best practices within the retail facility maintenance industry and to use existing distribution channels for the information it collects to reach the general membership. The committee is responsible for utilizing the content from the Retailer2Retailer Best Practices Forums and other resources to identify.. read more.

Canada Committee - Develops and recommends programs that will benefit the growth and development of PRSM in Canada. These programs will meet the needs of PRSM’s members for education, networking, partnerships and information sharing in order to add value to membership for retail facilities professionals and vendors doing.. read more.

Certification Committee - Recommends, develops and promotes the RFMP Certification Program by establishing standards of excellence within the industry and promoting PRSM Association as the preeminent resource for retail facility maintenance professionals.. read more.

Conferences Committee - Insures that each PRSM conference builds upon the success of the previous ones and continually enhances the member experience through the exhibition, educational and networking opportunities provided to members.. read more.

Editorial Board - Identifies and develops an editorial calendar for the Professional Retail Store Maintenance magazine that is produced seven times a year. The committee is responsible identifying timely issues and current topics surrounding the industry for articles and determining companies and individuals.. read more.

Education Committee - Recommends and develops an annual education agenda consisting of quality educational programs for the PRSM National Conference, Mid-Year Conference, webinars and other offerings.. read more.

Ethics Committee - This committee serves as an advisory panel to the Board of Directors. It works to ensure that the Association’s Ethics Policy is current and abided by the membership. The Committee may also recommend policy changes to the Board as it views necessary. Matters concerning questions of ethics, that the Board.. read more.

Finance Committee - Monitors all monthly financial reports and investments for Board approval. It is actively engaged in managing the Association’s investment portfolio along with the Association’s investment advisor. Financial and investment policies are recommended by this committee to the Board.. read more.

International Committee - identifies and develops programs to assist members who are expanding into international markets. These programs will address challenges and opportunities to facilities maintenance. It will also assist members with solutions enabling them to perform well in new markets and how to work with vendors.. read more.

Membership Committee - Oversees the Association’s membership net growth by recommending strategies and action plans designed to increase PRSM membership by attracting new retail and vendor members and retaining existing members. The committee also interacts with members and potential members to understand.. read more.

Nominating Committee - Sets qualifications and standards for candidates to be nominated to the Board of Directors, by identifying those members with exceptional leadership skills to maintain a strong and effective Board of industry leaders. The committee oversees the call for nominations, reviews all candidates to ensure they meet.. read more.

Sourcing Task Force - Educates retail members on how to effectively source retail facilities related services and products by developing strategic sourcing solutions enabling them to recognize greater cost savings. It also educates suppliers on how to collaborate with retail sourcing professionals and to be actively engaged during the.. read more.

Sustainability Council - Recommends and develops quality programs for PRSM to address environmentally conscious issues facing retail facilities maintenance professionals. The goal of this Council is to raise awareness and to provide assistance about how to be environmentally friendly and how to adopt environmentally friendly.. read more.

Vendor Relations - Advises the Association Board on the value of PRSM’s current and future programs and services to the Allied Corporate (Vendor) members. Individuals on this committee are asked to provide timely and thoughtful responses to questions and surveys which enable the association to maintain its relevance to the.. read more.