2013 PRSM Association Call for Nominations



PRSM’s Awards Program is the most prestigious recognition for the Association’s members and sets a standard of excellence for others to strive to achieve.  The Awards Committee is looking for individuals with impeccable accomplishments from a company and/or organization that have impacted the field of retail facility maintenance through innovation, operations or outstanding work performance within the industry.

This year, you will have the opportunity to nominate your peers for the following PRSM Association Awards:

The deadline for submissions is January 23, 2013.

  • Retailer of the Year
  • PRSM Association’s Retailer of the Year is the most prestigious award recognizing excellence of performance by a retail facility maintenance professional in their workplace.

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  • Vendor of the Year
  • Vendor of the Year is the Association’s most prestigious award recognizing excellence of performance by a vendor/supplier to the retail facility maintenance industry in their workplace.

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  • Innovation in Sustainability Award
  • The Innovation in Sustainability Award is the association’s award honoring excellence in performance in the retail environment. The Awards Committee seeks to showcase companies with innovative sustainability accomplishments in operations and/or outstanding work performance within the industry.

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  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • The Lawrence W. Whelan PRSM Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes people—living or deceased—who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to the facility maintenance profession over a long career.

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This is an excellent opportunity to recognize an individual who has forged new ground within the facilities maintenance industry. Nominate someone who has attained outstanding accomplishments or contributed significantly to the facilities management profession.

The PRSM Association Awards Committee will review each nominee’s qualifications in depth. The PRSM Association membership will vote on the final slate of nominees for Retailer of the Year and Vendor of the Year beginning in early December. All recipients will be recognized at PRSM2013 National Conference in Dallas, TX, April 3-5, 2013.

Questions regarding the awards, nominations or selection process may be directed to the committee co-chairs Ron Prager, Chief Operating Officer, Brinco Mechanical Services, Inc. at (800) 649-6804 (101); Bryan Walker, Store Logistics Manager, The Container Store at (972) 538-6597 or to Janice Wynne, Staff Liaison at PRSM Association, jwynne@prsm.com or (972) 231-9810.


  • A nominee of this award must be a current PRSM Association member in good standing having no outstanding Ethics violations.
  • A nominee of this award should display professionalism, fairness, operational organization, etc. within his/her company.
  • A nominee of this award should display leadership within the facilities maintenance industry.
  • A nominee of this award should display integrity and character that is recognized throughout the industry as having a positive professional reputation in the retail facilities industry and is respected by industry peers.
  • If self-nominating, the nominee may be asked to provide verification of accomplishments by their immediate supervisor or PRSM member in same company.
  • PRSM Board of Directors and Awards Committee members are ineligible for awards.
  • All other PRSM Association members are eligible and may nominate any PRSM member.


The Awards Committee is comprised of retail and vendor members of the Association who may or may not be familiar with the nominee. To assist with the selection process, please consider the following questions and include as much material as possible about your nominee:

  • Why is this person particularly noteworthy?
  • What challenges had to be overcome?
  • If applicable, provide metrics that quantify results and help provide perspective.
  • Provide insights on how the nominee contributed to the improvement of the retail industry.


  • Review all of the awards criteria and eligibility requirements.
  • Complete the appropriate nomination form using link on the award page..
  • Any supplemental background information citing why you think this nominee deserves the award as specified by the awards criteria should be emailed to Janice Wynne at jwynne@prsm.com or faxed to Janice's attention at (972) 231-4081. Include nominee's name and award for which submitted on all supplemental materials.
  • Nominations submitted without supporting material will not be accepted.