Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I become a member of PRSM Association?
Joining is easy, you may join online by submitting an online application or you may download a RETAILER or VENDOR application and submit it via fax, mail or email.  The appropriate contact information is located on the application form.

How much does membership cost and what are the payment options?
For a complete listing of the Membership categories and associated dues, please see the Dues Structure Page now.  You may pay for membership with a check or credit card.  Payment in full must be received prior to receiving access to PRSM Membership benefits.

How long is the membership term?
Membership is valid for one calendar year beginning January 1 and expiring December 31.  If you are interested in joining PRSM during the course of a calendar year, please contact Membership at 972.231.9810 or send an email to to learn about options.

Is my membership current?
Memberships run on a calendar year basis.  You may check your membership status at any time by logging into the members-only portion of this website with your email address and password. 

What do other companies that are members have to say about PRSM Association? 
Click here to view member testimonials.  If you are interested in speaking with a member volunteer, please contact PRSM.

How do I get a receipt for my membership payment?
When the membership has been successfully processed, the primary member will receive an email receipt for the company’s membership. If you do not receive an email, you may contact PRSM or send an inquiry to

How do I login to the PRSM Association website?
The email address provided to PRSM (usually work email) when you join is your user login to access the PRSM Association website member section.  If you do not know or have forgotten your password, simply click the “Forgot Password” link and the system will send you an email with a temporary password.  For problems using the online system, please contact Membership at 972-231-9810 or send an email to

What is the importance/role of a primary member?
A Primary Member must be appointed for your company. This individual will represent your company by voting in PRSM Association elections and serving as the point person for all PRSM communications. All fields must be completed for processing.

Who do I contact for help regarding changes to my membership account?
Requests for changes to your company’s membership account must be received in writing and can be done by sending an email to  The primary member (or main point of contact) is generally the only member who can make changes to the company’s account, in the case of needing to change that role; the next highest decision-maker who is included in the membership can make the request.

Do members receive discounts?
Members receive discounted rates on conferences, events, educational opportunities such as webinars, academic alliance courses, and other products and services. 

How can I get involved with PRSM?
There are many ways to volunteer and develop your career and network with PRSM.  You may serve on one of 15 different Committees, as PRSM is always looking for members that have something to offer to help other members. No one knows your industry better than you and you can help us educate our members with your expertise. We are looking for best practices, white papers, presenters, and articles for the PRSM magazine. Check out all the opportunities here.

What educational opportunities are available to members?
View PRSM Education

What networking events or opportunities are available to members?
We understand that building relationships with retail and vendor partners is important. PRSM offers networking opportunities at every event or program we offer. You can see a complete list of our events by clicking here.

How can I find member vendors to contact about products or services?
PRSM has an Online Supplier's Resource Guide that is easy to use and searchable by geographic location, trade/service, service area or company name.  You may also use the member directory (company and individual) by logging in and searching by member type and trade/service.

How can I find information about other members of PRSM?
As a PRSM member you have access to our membership database. Just login with your email address and password to enter the members-only section of this website. Once you do you will have a search tool that will allow you to filter and search for the companies you would like to target.

How do I find the membership list? Is there a way to pull the list from the website?
You cannot pull a complete list. You must search for the companies you would like to contact in the members-only database using your member login and password.

How can I find member retail members to contact about products and services I can provide?
As a PRSM member you have access to our membership database. Just login with your password to enter the members-only section of this website. Once you do you will have a search tool that will allow you to filter and search for the companies you would like to target.

How can I exhibit at your events?
You must be a member to exhibit or sponsor at any PRSM event. For a complete list of our events and details on exhibits and sponsorship, click here.

Who do I contact for help with general questions?
You can send an email to or view a list now of PRSM staff members available to answer your questions.

I’m interested in more information about PRSM. Can you send me some information?
PRSM staff would happy to help you in any way.  Request an information packet now.


Contact the Membership Team via email or at 972.231.9810.


Contributions (dues) or gifts to the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for U.S. Federal income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. PRSM is a 501 c(6) trade association.