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Retail professionals today are faced with hundreds of technologies, tactics, policies and strategies. To help clear through the clutter, this planning guide will direct retail professionals looking to better understand what subject matters to focus on when it comes to sustainability.  

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Green Cleaning

Cleaning products are necessary for maintaining attractive and healthful conditions in the retail environment. When executed correctly and in the right frequencies, cleaning tasks can remove health & safety risks, extend the life of surfaces and protect the well-being of retail workers as well as the public at large.  The intent of this green cleaning content is not to tell you how to clean, but to provide insight on how you might modify your existing cleaning agents, equipment and processes to be more environmentally friendly to your staff, customers and the earth.

Click here to download the Retail Facilities Green Cleaning Guide (PDF).


Valuable tools, guides and templates for retailers on green cleaning are archived as they become available. If you have questions on how to use these resources or have suggested additions to the list, email PRSM at and a PRSM staff member or retail member of the Sustainability Council will be in touch.




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