Welcome to the PRSM Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Toolkit. In the retail built environment, stores that are too hot, too cold, or suffer from air quality issues can produce a negative impact on the shopping experience. Employee productivity and morale can suffer when working conditions are less than ideal due to problems with the HVAC system. It is a primary challenge for a Retail Facilities Manager (FM) to maintain these systems at peak operating efficiency, to ensure a comfortable environment for both the shopper and the associates.

All mechanical equipment has a life span and regardless of how well maintained, it will eventually fail. For older units, environmental extremes can heavily stress equipment and can reduce the life span dramatically. With aging infrastructures and declining maintenance budgets becoming more of a trend in retail facilities, extending the life span of existing assets has become priority for a Retail FM. Proper maintenance and proactive repair solutions are more essential than ever in maintaining these systems, and the resources assembled in this Toolkit can help a facilities manager in this task.

This Toolkit is a compilation of resources and tools from leading manufacturers in the HVAC-R industry. The first release for this Toolkit comes from Trane, a global leader in creating and sustaining safe, comfortable, and efficient environments. Included here are a number of tools to assist the Retail FM with their HVAC repair and maintenance needs across the entire equipment life cycle. In addition, there are a number of additional resources, such as case studies, templates, and white papers, which, when taken together, will provide an FM with an array of tools to meet whatever unique challenge their HVAC system can present.

Resources Provided by TRANE

Trane for Retail

Planned Replacement Program: Learn how proactive equipment replacement will maximize savings and efficiency and ensure reliable operations.

Climate Control Guides:  There are a variety of indoor climate control systems, for all types and sizes of retail facilities. 

Packaged rooftops systems:

Precedent line, for 3 to 10 ton units utilized in smaller boxes and zoned operations

Voyager line, for 27 and ½ to 50 ton packaged units ideal for larger boxes and spaces

Chilled Water Systems:

Chilled water plant guides and solutions

ASHRAE AEDG SeriesASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guides




Selection Tools: A suite of tools to assist in selection of properly sized HVAC components, equipment, and systems.

Chemical Laboratory: Support for testing of compressor oils, absorption solutions, and refrigerants.

Calculators and Charts:  Includes calculators for potential LEED compliance. 

Analysis Tools 

Design Tools 

Design Tool - comp

Fast Find:  Online utility (Trane login required) that allows downloads of unit specific information.  Optimized for smart phone use and only in these browsers: Google Chrome, IE9, or Safari


Engineers Newsletters 

Engineers Newsletters Live:  A collection of programs focusing on the design and control of HVAC systems, on DVD or on demand.  Review the calendar and explore the archives.

HVAC Design and Service Training:  Educational resources for HVAC professionals, covering general air conditioning, controls, equipment, system design.  Offerings include onsite classroom training, print, video, and software resources. 

Air Conditioning Clinics:  A broad range of courses on the fundamentals of HVAC.

Continuing Education for HVAC Professionals:  Find a training class at Trane headquarters or in your area.



HVAC Parts and Supplies: Parts, equipment, and warranty information

Sustainability in Retail 

Trane National Services 

High Performance Buildings 

Advanced Engineering Support:  For assistance with complicated design analysis, life cycle analyses, load calculations, chiller plant optimizations, and comparative analyses

Building Services:  Help maintain and enhance systems and equipment in your facility.  Commissioning and start-up, maintenance and repairs, and upgrades and retrofits  

Temporary Cooling Solutions:  Products for temporary and emergency HVAC needs

Financing:  Financing options for an HVAC system upgrade or retrofit

Retail Case Studies: 

Texas Roadhouse

White Castle

World Market Center

Tanglewood Mall

Saks Fifth Avenue