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One vendor develops an in-house mobile application to meet their challenge.

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Self-Performing vs. Non-Self Performing: The Debate Continues

Practically Speaking About Retail FM Blog:
August 13 - Do self-performing contractors really exist? Or, are you more likely to stumble across the Loch Ness Monster in your search for one? And is it self-performance that really matters?  This discussion gets a fair amount of play across the industry and rightly so, as we have seen in the proliferation of commentary on the topic. Read More

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“The Waste-To-Energy (WTE) process takes non-hazardous waste and turns it into energy.  The waste is transferred to EQ, prepared for combustion and sent to a local WTE facility.  During combustion at a high temperature, the waste is reduced to 10% of its original volume.  The heat generated creates steam that turns turbines in order to generate electricity.  The result?  For every 10 tons of waste, 5,200 kWh of power is generated.  Electricity is fed back into the grid and is used to power homes and businesses.”

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