RFMP Designation


Is the RFMP Designation for you?

Learn how earning the RFMP Designation will aid in your career advancement and having the credential will help you stand out amongst your peers.

How do I prepare for the RFMP exam?

Find out about the variety of ways that PRSM can help you get ready to take the RFMP exams and recommend reading material.

How do I earn the RFMP designation?

Signing up for the RFMP exam is fast and easy.


Is the RFMP Designation right for you?

Earning PRSM’s RFMP designation prominently displays your expertise and value to everyone in your organization. Held by the finest retail facility management professionals, it represents a desire for excellence and signifies unparalleled industry status. It indicates a specialized retail knowledge that other credentialing programs simply can’t.RFMP Identifies the Best-01.png


    There are numerous professional benefits to holding an RFMP designation: 
  • Setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack. In today’s ever-changing retail environment, proving your value is invaluable!
  • People with credentials set themselves up for faster success.
  • Increased perception of value within your organization.

    • If the following statements describe you, then you should make attaining the RFMP designation a goal.
  • You have been employed as a retailer or vendor in the retail facility maintenance field for more than 3 years.
  • You have experience in the following: maintaining retail facilities, troubleshooting retail maintenance issues, full understanding in managing repair/service vendors in terms of scope, quality, cost and timeliness of service.
  • You have a desire to excel in your career as a knowledgeable and recognized leader in multi-site facility management.

  • How Do I Prepare for the RFMP Exam?

    PRSM has developed a variety of ways for you to prepare to take the RFMP exam and earn your designation. You can choose the path that fits best with your current level of knowledge and your schedule. 

    RFMP Study Courses 
    PRSM’s new web-based study course helps prepare you for RFMP exam by covering each of the 8 categories included in the exam. Designed for self study at your own pace, you can pause the course when necessary to make time management easier. Find more information at the complete RFMP Study Course program here. 

    Recommended Reading 
    We have developed several resources to help you get started toward your designation goal. If you're ready to be recognized for the professional work you do every day or develop a clear training path for your team, review our recommended reading guide. Wherever you are in your career, why not get started on the road to professional distinction? Earn your RFMP designation today. 
    8 comprehensive test categories
    Recommended reading guide

    Take a Practice Exam 
    A Practice Exam is available online and is a great starting point. It will give you an idea of the format of the actual exam and will let you see which areas you may need to enhance your knowledge in before sitting for the actual exam. You can take the exam online at your convenience. 
    Register for practice exam

    Path to Becoming an RFMP
    FAQs - Want to know more? Find answers to the questions we hear most often

    How Do I Earn the RFMP Designation?

    Simply set up an account and register to take the RFMP exam online. You will be able to select the most convenient date, time and testing location for you. Individuals must achieve a score of 75% or higher on the exam to earn the designation. 

    Testing Locations 
    Exams are administered at one of our proctored testing facilities located across the United States and Canada. 
    Set up an account and view testing facilities in your area

    Appointments to Take Exam 
    During the registration process, you may elect to reserve the first available time or make an appointment several months in advance - the choice is yours. 
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    Exam Fees 

    For individuals seeking the designation, the cost to sit for the exam is:
    PRSM member - $395 ($295)
    Non-PRSM member - $895 

    Retake fees:

    PRSM member - $125 ($95)
    Non-PRSM member - $175