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Attendees Connect at PRSM’s Canada East and Canada West Meetings

A record-breaking crowd packed both of the PRSM Canada East and West meetings. Attendees learned how to craft successful partnerships, collaborated over lunch, celebrated the presentation of PRSM’s Canadian Excellence Award and wrapped up the day with a rapid-fire Retail Quick Connect session, where suppliers met with retailers one-on-one.

Leigh Pearson, RFMP, Chair of the PRSM Board of Directors and Director, Facility, Environment and Procurement for Staples Canada, kicked off the meetings and introduced the primary speaker, Duane Cashin, President, Cashin and Company.

Cashin’s fast-paced presentation focused on the importance of partnering for success. He emphasized the value of understanding today’s consumer and how both retailers and suppliers must shift their focus to the total cost of ownership. He discussed the need for suppliers to understand retailers’ buying and decision-making criteria and to use technology to share knowledge that establishes and builds credibility and partnerships.

Pearson recognized Randall Linton, President, ServiceNational Canada, as the recipient of the Canadian Excellence Award. “Randall is a natural teacher, and continuously strives to educate, inform and share his valuable experiences with others,” Pearson said. “He has built a highly successful, national maintenance company based upon competence, confidence, mutual trust and respect for his clients, his employees and the industry. It is an honor to present him with the PRSM Canadian Excellence Award.”

Following the luncheon, networking kicked into high gear as suppliers met one-on-one with retailers during the Retail Quick Connect session and discussions continued during the closing reception. 

Pearson was impressed by the enthusiastic response of PRSM’s Canadian members at the meetings. “This has been a great day for PRSM in Canada,” she said. “We had a fantastic turnout, and everyone was engaged, meeting new people and most importantly sharing information. I appreciate everyone taking time to attend, and I am looking forward to growing PRSM in Canada.”

By: Bruce Condit

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