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Branded Group CEO Celebrates Three Years and Shares Top Tips on How to #BeBetter as an Entrepreneur

Orange, Calif. (March 8, 2017) – Branded Group CEO Michael Kurland recently celebrated three years as company co-founder by offering tips on how entrepreneurs could be better.

“Branded Group is more than halfway to the five-year milestone marker of survival,” Kurland said. “Statistics show that those first four to five years of a business are the survival years.” 

According to the article Surviving the First Five Years, each year, one out of 12 businesses in the United States closes its doors. The rate is one in six businesses in the first four to five years. 

“As an entrepreneur, I did not want to just survive the first five years, I wanted to thrive and create a company where employees wanted to do the same,” Kurland said.  

Following are Kurland’s top tips on how to, during those first few years and beyond, be a better entrepreneur. 

#BeBetter Prepared

With my life-savings and a sincere intent to better serve customers while making a social impact in the community, I co-founded Branded Group. I did not know three years ago that my role in business development would morph into providing support services for accounting, recruiting, operations, project management, customer account management, human resources, marketing, and employee relations. To be a better entrepreneur, be prepared to pitch in and pinch hit – you will, at some time, touch every facet of the company. 

#BeBetter When You’re Not the Best

And while you will be prepared to help as needed and wear many hats for the short term – recognize when you are not a subject matter expert. Then invest wisely and immediately to hire experts to fill those voids and avoid spreading yourself too thin. I understood from early on that I needed to get the right people in the right roles even if the investment was more than I preferred to spend at the time.  

#BeBetter through Balance

Entrepreneurs should not and cannot work non-stop and still create a positive atmosphere for themselves and their team. Although you may find it tempting to work 12-14 hours per day in a start-up environment, it is not healthy for you or your company.  My key to balance is “rest, re-energize, and repeat.” I aim for eight hours of sleep nightly, and then I re-energize daily through my morning ritual of mediation and exercise. Also, I plan time into my schedule for family, friends, and solo relaxation. I am grateful that my focus on rest and relaxation has helped me to remain balanced.  

#BeBetter with Books

What’s an easy and cost effective way to better yourself and your business? Read! The books that have had the most profound impact on my entrepreneurial journey: E-Myth by Michael Gerber, You are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero, Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, and Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags by Linda Rottenberg. Consider committing to at least one book per quarter. Also, extend the invitation to your team and consider launching a company book club. When our team recently discussed You are a Bad Ass, I was pleased to hear an employee share how reading the book was literally life changing. 

#BeBetter on Purpose

The goal of any business is not to make money; rather making money is the outcome. I align with the philosophy of Conscious Capitalism in that the purpose of business is to elevate humanity. How is your business making the world a better place? Would your business be missed if it were no longer here tomorrow? To be a better entrepreneur, make sure you love what you do and you have a nobler goal than making money. Don’t get me wrong – you need to make money to sustain your business, but you should also incorporate a higher purpose. At Branded Group we are proud of our one-for-one program. I find it fulfilling to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Orange County and help to build or repair homes for those in need. 

Branded Group

With a mission of providing superior service, Branded Group offers on demand retail and restaurant maintenance, construction management, special project implementation and focused consultation services. As a full service facility maintenance company with over 20 years of combined experience, the company’s team of experts promptly diagnoses facility issues and efficiently resolves them – quickly returning the client facility to its brand standard. Branded Group always strives to “Be Better,” and is committed to giving back through its one-for-one program, Service2. For more information visit or call (323) 940-1444. Stay in the know by following Branded Group on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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