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Genesco Vice President, Leon Weitzman, Retires After 25 Years

After 25 years of working at Genesco, Leon Weitzman has announced his retirement. Weitzman served as Vice President of Facilities Management and Procurement, and has been an integral part of the Genesco family since 1992. His vast knowledge of facilities management enabled him to manage everything from general maintenance to crisis situations for up to 2,700 stores with disciplined execution.

Weitzman has been an engaged PRSM member for more than a decade.  He hosted one of the first Retailer2Retailer events at Genesco in 2007, and served on the committee that developed PRSM’s original X-Change platform. Leon was a part of the original PRSM Exchange and has served on the Membership, Mentoring, Education, and Nominating committees. He was also selected as a subject matter expert on Business Practices and Strategies during the PRSM2013 National Conference.

Weitzman joined PRSM in 2001 without any facilities management experience, and 15 years later, he was nominated for PRSM’s Retailer of the Year award.

“If it wasn’t for PRSM, I don’t know what I would have done. PRSM was a major factor that has enabled Genesco’s facilities department what it is today,” Weitzman said. “The guidance we received from PRSM was invaluable. Genesco didn’t have a facilities management department, but PRSM offered classes and meetings, and everyone at PRSM I talked to was willing to share their ideas and suggestions.”

Weitzman says networking was his favorite part of the PRSM experience.

“I’ve never missed a national conference and attended most of the Mid-Year conferences too,” Weitzman said. “You can network at a conference with a few thousand people, which gives us insight to help streamline our facilities’ department. To me, it’s all about networking, and PRSM conferences provides the opportunity to do just that.”

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