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Has Your Store Gone Dark?

New PRSM white paper and assessment are now available

PRSM Association is an industry thought leader by shedding light on hot topics that impact facility management, like dark stores, and by equipping managers to respond proactively in a rapidly changing retail industry. The term “dark stores” is defined as non-operating or closed retail locations. Since 2015, PRSM has dedicated several publications to maintaining dark stores – and heightened awareness of the opportunities and challenges of managing these valuable company assets. The PRSM Best Practices Books for the past three years have contained papers on dark stores, and the association released an industry benchmarking snapshot, “Dark Stores: Prevalence and Management” in September 2016. In May 2016, PRSM held a “Maintaining a Closed Retail Site” webinar that is archived for online viewing. This webinar describes necessary inspections as well as scope of work needed for dark stores.

The newest white paper, “Dark Stores: How to Conquer Important Maintenance Challenges,” builds upon these initial products to identify the challenges caused by this developing trend and to offer solutions. It provides a comprehensive overview that describes the current outlook, offers three management approaches with resulting outcomes from each approach, and provides assessment tools with supporting documentation and data.

Additionally, the “Appendix” section is a compilation of tools and resources to implement the information provided in the white paper at your own brand, including the new Store Shut Down Checklist Form and Dark Store Condition Assessment

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