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Lennox expands its Build-A-Tech program to recruit skilled technicians

Retail facilities maintenance technicians are in high demand – many industries struggle with the same challenge. With an overall shortage of qualified, highly skilled technicians, Lennox, an international HVAC manufacturer and provider, has decided to do something about it.

Lennox spearheaded its Build-A-Tech (BAT) program several years ago to recruit talented students from local technical schools and colleges into the company. “It started because of the shift in technology, and the shortage of skilled tradesmen and women. Lennox wanted to design a program that would attract talent, and provide additional training,” said Kristie Brooks, Service Sales Manager at Lennox.

The BAT program, designed to foster the relationships between Lennox Branch Managers and local educational institutions, ultimately offers top qualifying students a 6-8 month apprenticeship with a Lennox senior technician.

“Lennox National Accounts has just revamped the program this year to be a better more robust program,” Brooks pointed out. “Lennox has offered to go into the classrooms at participating schools and brand the schools representing Lennox. We would like to grow the program and enroll new technical schools or colleges each year across the country. Beginning in 2016, it was a goal that each of our 86 branches employ at least one BAT student. ”

Lennox works with school directors and instructors to identify candidates to consider for hire, and then conducts a formal interview with those students. The branch manager will approve tasks as students accomplish certain milestones. When all of the milestones have been completed, they will graduate and go to the Lennox National Accounts headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, for one week. In Florida they will complete a hands-on, validation capstone course and take a final exam. Upon successful completion, they will graduate with their N.A.T.E certification. They will be provided a company vehicle and will be on their own to complete service calls. “From there, the career opportunities are endless. A lot of our technicians are promoted to branch managers or field technical specialist,” Brooks said.

When a college enrolls in the program, Lennox branch managers will meet regularly with the school and host presentations and networking events with potential candidates.

“We applaud the BAT program being implemented by Lennox,” said William Brown, Director at Brownson Technical School in Anaheim, CA. “A highly technical skillset required by today’s HVAC technicians demands a balanced approach to training. I’m delighted to see a major manufacturer with the stature of Lennox assist educators in this way.

To find out more about the BAT opportunities at Lennox, please visit

Kristie Brooks

By: Rachel Brown

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