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Landel Facilities Services re-named National Dispatch USA

New branding, same company 

We are excited to announce the re-branding of Landel Facilities Services to National Dispatch USA (NDUSA)

The new name brings NDUSA’s brand and image in line with its Canadian sister company, National Dispatch Services. 

“After fully acquiring Landel in 2015, we started on the path of consolidating the businesses from an operational standpoint. Last year, we looked at what makes us special as a company, and we understood that it’s our name and reputation - on both sides of the border,” said Marissa Sidel, founder and President of National Dispatch Services and owner of National Dispatch USA. 

While both companies will share a similar brand, National Dispatch USA remains a US operation based out of Tampa, FL, while National Dispatch Services remains a Canadian business based out of Montreal, QC. 

Other than the change in name, there are no other changes to the business. 

For more on National Dispatch USA, please visit

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