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on a Specific Topic? Offers PRSM Resources in over 38 Topics Areas

Make sure you're getting the most out of your PRSM Association membership by accessing the full range of benefits. has an extensive library of white papers, best practices, magazine articles, on-webinars, and benchmarking reports categorized into 38 different topic areas.

To use this exclusive member benefit, please login to This library can be found under “FM Topics” in the main toolbar on the PRSM website. Within each category, click on tools on the left-hand side, you can filter and sort to find exactly what you need. There are more than 1,500 plus resources on

Once you find a file, you can like the file, add it as a favorite and add a comment for other members to view. Each resource can be downloaded, emailed and shared on social media.

Each resource also has its own dedicated page on if you would like to view one of the resources. If you would like to view all of the Benchmarking Reports on, go to the main toolbar, hover over resources and click “Benchmarking Reports.” Here you will find 13 Benchmarking Reports.

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FM Topics Available on

Budgets, Finance, and Metrics

Building Automation Systems

Business Practices and Strategies

Canadian Focus


Codes and Regulations


Corporate Facilities


Electrical and Lighting

Emergency Response/
Disaster Preparedness

Environmental, Health, and Safety

Equipment Miscellaneous

Fire Protection

Fixtures and Furnishings




Landscaping and Grounds

Painting & Wall Covering


Personal Development

Pest Control


Real Estate, Landlord, and Tenant


Roofing and Building Envelope



Sourcing, Purchasing,
and Procurement

Space Allocation and Planning

Supplier Focus

Supplier Management



Utilities and Energy Efficiency

Vertical Transportation

Waste and Recycling

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