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Planet Fitness Taps ENGIE Insight for Sustainable Energy and Waste Management in Select Markets

Expanding fitness brand leverages data for energy cost savings and waste reduction

ENGIE Insight, a leading energy and sustainability management company, has been selected by Planet Fitness’ 64 corporate-owned locations to provide utility expense data management, and advisory solutions such as energy procurement of electricity and natural gas, and waste management solutions. Planet Fitness is one of the largest and fastest-growing franchisors and operators of fitness centers in the U.S. ENGIE Insight’s deep-industry insights and data analytics capabilities will help Planet Fitness ensure operations are energy efficient and waste diversion programs are optimized. Additionally, more than 100 franchise locations have also chosen these services.

Multi-site organizations are challenged to minimize their energy spend and mitigate their carbon footprint. Many companies like Planet Fitness, however, are increasingly committed to effective resource management as they grow their business. To enable growth with less resource consumption, ENGIE Insight will deliver a robust set of expense and data management services, including complex bill payment, electric and gas utility bills auditing and data analysis. To help the select Planet Fitness locations ENGIE is working with to achieve long term energy and cost savings, ENGIE Insight will also manage the energy contracts for new facilities to identify opportunities for lower rates as part of the energy supply management solution to optimize energy supply contracts. “Planet Fitness brings a high-quality and affordable fitness experience to each community we operate within, and sustainability is an important part of our business strategy,” said Al Buell, vice president of construction at Planet Fitness World Headquarters.

“As we continue to expand our brand, we are excited to partner in select markets with ENGIE Insight to help us to identify opportunities for energy reductions and divert more waste from landfills.”

ENGIE Insight’s total waste management solution will bring a new level of transparency to waste cost and landfill diversion across Planet Fitness’ corporate sites and franchisees that select this program. By organizing waste audits to identify savings potential, managing vendors and developing comprehensive waste reduction plans, ENGIE Insight will turn comprehensive insight into an action plan that makes a sustainable impact.

“ENGIE Insight will provide a complete utility bill audit to help the Planet Fitness locations who select this program better understand and manage their utility costs and energy consumption,” said Martin Sieh, chief operations officer at ENGIE Insight. “We bring decades of experience working with fitness organizations to manage their utility data and provide strategic waste recommendations, which will enable Planet Fitness to drive their sustainability programs forward.”

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