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PRSM Association Helps Retailers Control Costs and Keep Their Cool

New White Paper Provides Customizable Templates for Retail Refrigeration Maintenance 

DALLAS, TX – January 9, 2017– Keeping things cool in retail today can be costly. Typical supermarket refrigeration systems use 1,500 to 1,800 pounds of refrigerant to keep products cold or frozen. One pound of refrigerant wholesale costs $7 - $40 and freezers and refrigerators can cost thousands. To remain profitable retailers must control refrigeration costs while keeping their cool. 

A new white paper just released by The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association, (PRSM), the authority on retail, multi-site facilities management, entitled, “Keeping Your Cool Part 2: Preventive & Routine Maintenance for Retail Refrigeration Systems,” addresses the importance of both preventive (also known as life cycle asset management) and routine maintenance (also known as cyclical maintenance) of retail refrigeration systems. 

The white paper describes how refrigeration systems operate, ways to reduce and potentially avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and the importance of adhering to changing environmental regulations. The paper also includes numerous checklists, forms and customizable templates for facilities management professionals to develop or improve existing refrigeration system maintenance programs. 

“Retail facilities managers need current, useful, accurate information and tools they can use to reduce rising refrigeration costs. PRSM provides retailers valuable resources they can use immediately to develop and implement preventive maintenance programs that will save their companies time and money,” says Bill Yanek, CEO, PRSM. 

This white paper follows “Keeping Your Cool: An Introduction to Retail Refrigeration Basics – Part 1,” which shares basic refrigeration principles & theories, complexity of refrigeration equipment, regulations and compliance. 

PRSM Association’s report, “Keeping Your Cool Part 2: Preventive & Routine Maintenance for Retail Refrigeration Systems,” is available for PRSM members at

PRSM Association’s Resources Center provides management tools for the Retail FM and supplier community. Resources include quarterly white paper releases; the annual Best Practices Book, representing a wide spectrum of FM industry trades; and the Retail Facilities Benchmarking program, along with other research-based Trends Reports, and Buyer’s Guide resources (print and online). Resources also include the bi-monthly magazine, Professional Retail Store Maintenance (print and electronic), and PRSM Weekly (a news-focused e-newsletter).

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