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PRSM Changes Leaders – Maps Out Future Plans

Our PRSM2017 National Conference is in the books. During the conference, we transitioned our Board Chair from Leigh Pearson, Staples Canada, to Jonathan Bauer, Gap, Inc. Leigh led PRSM Association through a successful year of change, and on behalf of the PRSM Team, we thank her for her efforts. Leigh is a tireless envoy for PRSM. During her Chair tenure, she superbly represented PRSM across North America and beyond. Personally, I will be forever grateful for her mentorship, leadership and guidance as I took over as PRSM CEO.

Jonathan Bauer assumed his role as Board Chair during PRSM2017 National Conference General Session. During his opening remarks, he christened 2017 “the year of the customer” and enlightened the crowd with the African Proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Going far in 2017 and beyond will again be framed by our PRSM strategic priorities:

  • Providing the knowledge and skills to PRSM members to enable global success;
  • Facilitating trusted marketplaces for members across all PRSM events;
  • Delivering FM industry resources and giving PRSM its voice in policy arenas; and
  • Maintaining the PRSM brand as an ethical, valuable and credible community of FM professionals.

A Roadmap for the Future

The May-June 2017 Harvard Business Review(HBR) cover story, “What Great CEOs Do Differently: The Behaviors that Set the Best Leaders Apart,” reports on findings from a database of 17,000 c-suite assessments conducted as part of a 10-year study on the effectiveness of CEOs. The findings distill the common denominators of successful CEOs down to: deciding with speed and conviction, engaging for impact, adapting proactively and delivering reliably.

The behaviors discussed in the article provide more than a leader roadmap for your PRSM CEO. Each of the behaviors applies to our PRSM operations and member companies.

Deciding with Speed and Conviction

The HBR article noted people who were “decisive” were 12 times more likely to be high-performing CEOs. Decisiveness is characterized by the gathering of adequate information acted upon in a timely manner. When the dust settled on our post-PRSM2017 survey efforts, more than 500 attendees provided feedback (adequate information!). Your PRSM Team is poring over the data and will be acting upon the feedback immediately. We will publish top priorities in the next issue of Retail Store Maintenance.

Engaging for Impact

According to HBR, successful leaders secure buy-in from stakeholders once a clear course is set. PRSM members and FM stakeholders must be engaged in the development and pursuit of our strategic initiatives. And, the PRSM message must be delivered using communication strategies that break through the clutter of today’s overcrowded communication media.

Hopefully, you witnessed our improved PRSM-TV efforts at PRSM2017. And, video at our events is only the beginning. PRSM will be using video throughout the year to broadcast the PRSM story.

How we communicate with you is one part of the equation. What we communicate is another critical component of PRSM member engagement. During the first quarter of 2017, PRSM conducted a Member Needs Assessment. The Member Needs Assessment will tell the PRSM Team what the FM stakeholder community needs from its association. Our goal is always for PRSM to be your resource for industry issues, clarity and guidance as you navigate a volatile FM world.

Adapting Proactively

Leaders and organizations able to deal with situations not in any playbook and who spend considerable time thinking about the long term adapt, survive and prosper over the long run. Retail is in transition and PRSM must remain nimble and relevant to our FM stakeholders. Our education and exhibitions must reflect the FM marketplace – and more importantly, remain worthy of our PRSM membership’s investment of time and money.

Delivering Reliably

Lastly, HBR’s report on successful leader behaviors highlights the report’s most powerful of the four essential behaviors: delivering reliable results. Reliable results arrive when realistic expectations are set and commitments are met. PRSM expectations and commitments are set by our Board of Directors and articulated through our strategic priorities. Our team is set and the priorities are clear. PRSM member expectations are high, but achievable – especially if we heed the advice of the 2017-18 PRSM Board Chair. We can and will go far … together. 

 By: Bill Yanek, PRSM CEO

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