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PRSM Foundation Provides More Opportunities

Paint the day for VOA at VOA Riverside Treatment Center, Ft. Worth, TX.

PRSM has created its own charitable foundation to provide the organization and its members more charitable opportunities. PRSM Impact!, the official PRSM charity, will become the action-arm of the Foundation and carry out charity projects, fundraising and other activities.

Legal paperwork for the PRSM Foundation is underway, and the first organizational meeting of the Foundation’s Board of Directors was held in late July. Plans are being made to officially announce the PRSM Foundation at the PRSM Mid-Year Conference in Indianapolis.

Bill Ackerman, PRSM’s 2017 Volunteer of the Year, and a founding member of PRSM Impact!, will serve as president of the new Foundation Board. Ackerman is thrilled with the opportunities the Foundation provides.

“Creating the PRSM Foundation really opens the door for the PRSM charity to take its philanthropic program to a whole new level,” said Ackerman. “We will continue to support VOA and VOA projects, and we will be able to support other worthy causes that align with the Foundation’s mission and objectives. This could even include scholarships and industry research. I can’t wait to see where this goes next, and I’m very proud to be part of the PRSM Foundation.”

PRSM Impact! launched during the PRSM2016 National Conference in Long Beach. When the charity was created, it selected Volunteers of America (VOA) as its official charity. Since that time, the charity has completed a major project in Dallas, toured VOA facilities, and is in the process of planning projects for the PRSM Mid-Year Conference and PRSM2018 National Conference.

The new PRSM Foundation enables the association to expand its charitable efforts across several fronts. The Foundation and PRSM Impact! will continue to support VOA projects. However, the Foundation enables PRSM to control exactly how funds are used, which projects are supported, and to identify a long-range strategy that will enable the charity to address specific industry issues.

“The PRSM Foundation will provide the association the opportunity to use charitable contributions to address industry issues in the U.S. and Canada,” said Bill Yanek, PRSM CEO. “Facilities management is facing a major trade skills gap. We could use PRSM Foundation resources to encourage students to pursue FM as a career and to provide scholarships for deserving students to attend trade schools or conduct research on industry issues. It really opens up a lot of opportunities for PRSM to make a difference in the industry.”

“We are not abandoning VOA,” emphasized Ackerman. “VOA was selected as the official PRSM charity partner because they provide a wide spectrum of services across the nation and have hundreds of potential opportunities for PRSM and its members to get involved. We will maintain our relationship with VOA and hopefully be able to help them even more as the Foundation grows.”

PRSM Impact! recently completed a major project at the VOA Riverside Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Worth. The facility provides addiction services to hundreds of men and women annually, and for many it is the last option to avoid prison.

PRSM volunteers transformed the interior of the 100-bed facility by painting the entry way, dorm rooms and hallways. During the PRSM2017 National Conference, the facility entry way was refreshed with new paint, landscaping and even new stripes on the parking lot and curb painting. More than 100 volunteers donated their time and dozens of PRSM suppliers kicked in all the supplies to make this project a huge success.

“PRSM has all the components to make the Foundation a huge success!” said Ackerman. “We have the perfect combination of suppliers and retailers, and the potential to provide an army of volunteers virtually anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. We have the labor and the resources VOA and other charities need to help carry out their mission. Every FM dollar we can help them save is another dollar they can use to provide services that change lives every day.”

When the Foundation receives its tax-exempt status, all donations to the PRSM Foundation will be tax deductible, as the Foundation will be registered with the IRS as an official 501c3. Specific goals and objectives for the Foundation will be determined by the Foundation Board of Directors. Day-to-day activities of the Foundation, such as volunteer project management, will be carried out by PRSM committees and staff.

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