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PRSM Introduces Personalized Dynamic Benchmarking Reports

Available exclusively to PRSM members, PRSM is rolling out an interactive, analytical benchmarking platform providing dynamic reporting and personalized results. The platform collect raw data and turns it into valuable insights allowing participants who have taken the annual Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry Overview Benchmarking Survey to gain access to aggregated data. This survey is the first offered through the Dynamic Benchmarking platform and will be an annual analysis intended to report the state of the multi-site maintenance industry and profession. The survey launched Tuesday, May 9 to all Primary Members of the organization. After they complete the survey, members will be notified when aggregate data is available. PRSM members must complete the survey to receive access to this personalized data. 

PRSM Primary Members received a personal e-mail invitation to participate on Tuesday, May 9. Each member company is allowed one login. If your company has multiple brands and would like separate accounts, please email If you are the appropriate person in your organization to take this survey, but are not the Primary Member, please email so we can arrange for you to take the survey.

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