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PRSM LIVE Coast2Coast Networking Events Go Worldwide

More than $8,000 donated to Volunteers of America

The 2016 PRSM LIVE Coast2Coast networking events went worldwide this year, launching with a European flair in Milan, Italy, December 1st, and rolling around the world across 18 different locations, ending 16 hours later on the west coast of the U.S. and Canada. Almost 400 PRSM retailers and suppliers packed the annual networking events to share ideas, develop new relationships and support their favorite charity.

Donations by PRSM members in the U.S. generated more than $8,000 for PRSM’s official charity, the Volunteers of America. A friendly competition between U.S. cities fueled the drive to help those less fortunate. Chicago PRSM members set a blistering pace, kicking in $2,600, well exceeding their $2,000 goal, while New York City kept up the pressure donating $2,100 and Boston came in a strong third, with $1,185.

PRSM members in Canada and other locations also tapped into the holiday giving spirit bringing canned food for local food banks. Attendees shared their networking and giving experiences through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media throughout the evening.

PRSM LIVE is the single, largest networking event PRSM conducts each year. However, there are numerous PRSM networking events held throughout the year providing both suppliers and retailers the opportunity to collaborate and connect. Make plans now to attend the next networking event in your area. A complete list of events can be found on

For more pictures from the event, click here.


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