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PRSM Presents ‘The Retail Revolution’, a Collaboration with ITN Productions

In a unique communications partnership, PRSM and ITN Productions have produced a news and current affairs-style investigating the developments, challenges and achievements of the retail facilities management sector with the United States. As the retail sector undergoes significant transformation, facility managers play an integral role in improving a retailers bottom line through incorporation of advanced technologies, business initiatives and energy and water management.   

‘The Retail Store Revolution’ is an in-depth, online program featuring interviews, news items and sponsored editorial profiles of leaders and key organizations, highlighting the industry-leading innovations and proven practices that ensure a positive, engaging shopping environment.  

The ‘The Retail Store Revolution’ program is proudly supported by: 

  • Pavement Services
  • Kaivac
  • Brighter Image
  • Professional Retail Services
  • Comfort Systems USA

Click here to view the video.

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