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PRSM Represented at DOE Better Buildings Summit

PRSM was well represented at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) 2016 Better Building Summit in Washington DC this week. PRSM Members, Jay Fiske from Powerhouse Dynamics and George Huettel from Ecova served on a panel that discussed ways restaurants could cut energy usage, while Bruce Condit, PRSM’s Director of Communications & PR served as a speaker on a special Communications panel.

The 3-day event is a national meeting where leading organizations across key sectors showcase solutions to cut energy intensity in their buildings portfolio-wide by 20% over the next ten years.

Highlights of the summit included a special presentation by U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz.  Moniz congratulated Better Buildings Alliance partners for the great strides they have already made in meeting the 2020 energy reduction goal. “Better Buildings partners are committed to creating energy savings through the use of innovative technologies and organizational strategies that drive American job growth and help reduce carbon emissions,” emphasized Moniz.

Since 2011, both the number of Better Buildings Challenge partners and energy efficiency commitments have tripled, resulting in energy and cost savings that now exceed $1.3 billion and the avoidance of 100 million tons of harmful carbon emissions. There are now 310 Better Building Challenge partners who are set to achieve goals of at least 20 percent energy reduction within 10 years. Together, they represent 34,000 buildings and facilities, 4.2 billion square feet, and $5.5 billion dollars in energy efficiency investment.

Atlanta Mayor, Kasim Reed, who spoke at Tuesday’s luncheon, outlined how his city is leading the nation in slashing energy usage  and driving sustainability programs. “If Atlanta can meet and exceed the energy reductions goals, we believe every major metro area in the U.S. can do the same,” said the Mayor.

The almost 1,000 Summit attendees learned about the latest in lighting, HVAC, financing, benchmarking and other leading-edge energy subjects while attending almost 100 different educational sessions. For more information about the DOE Better Buildings Summit and Challenge click here.  

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