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PRSM’s Corinne Dwyer receives 20 Under 30 recognition at IAEE

PRSM’s Events Management Team attended The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) Expo! Expo! 2017 conference last week and returned with new ideas, new connections and new honors. One staff member, Corinne Dwyer, is ready to kick her top-of-the-line industry knowledge into high gear as PRSM’s conference season approaches.

Dwyer, PRSM’s Global Meetings & Events Specialist, was selected as one of the 2017 honorees by the IAEE 20 Under 30 recognition program for her leadership and knowledge in exhibitions and events profession. She was recognized throughout the four-day conference and during the IAEE Annual Networking Luncheon and Awards presentation.

This program provides honorees with the latest, leading edge industry and leadership education for professional growth in the exhibitions and events industry. IAEE believes that recognizing and elevating these young leaders will enhance the global evolution and distinction of the industry.

“It was a great honor to be able to do this,” Dwyer said. “The most beneficial aspect of this honor is the forum of peers I’ve gained. As I grow and progress in the industry, my 20 Under 30 peers are going to grow and progress along with me.”

At Expo! Expo!, Dwyer attended special pre-conference events for the 20 Under 30 program and educational sessions that will enable PRSM conferences to pack an even bigger punch!

“My favorite part was being able to make dozens of industry connections,” Dwyer said. “I now have a very comfortable relationship with other industry leaders and going forward in my career, we can all share industry best practices and recommendations with each other.”

With this special recognition and even more knowledge under belt, Dwyer is ready to rock ‘n roll at PRSM2018 National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in 2018.

Her advice to PRSM members who are wanting to make an impact at National Conference, in their careers, or in their communities in general is to get involved with programs to educate and elevate yourself or your organization as a thought leader.

 “Whatever your industry, I highly recommend getting involved with industry-related programs that improve your skills and help you perform you job better, help your employer to be more successful and boost your career,” Dwyer said.

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