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PRSM’s International Outlook

Facility Management is an international profession practiced around the world and this issue is dedicated to the issues FM pros encounter around the world.

PRSM operations stretch across North America – and continue to grow domestically. However, while most of PRSM’s efforts are focused and based in the United States, as we move into the 4th quarter of 2017, we will host international meetings in both Canada and Europe.

Canada East and West

As of June 2017, PRSM has 89 members in Canada (35 Retail / 54 Supplier). Under current growth trends, PRSM will eclipse 100 members by the end of 2017. In Canada, PRSM hosts two major events. Our Canada West event takes place at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown on October 3, 2017. Canada East will be October 19, 2017 at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre Toronto.

Even with the retail industry experiencing some of the most disruptive years in its history, Canada is seeing growth in the retail sector as retail companies expand their footprint across the Canadian market. At the same time, Canadian retailers are seeing customer expectations rapidly change, which continues to drive the need to evolve and prepare for the new face of retail.

The PRSM Canada East and Canada West programs are exclusively designed for Retail Facilities Management Professionals, providing them the opportunity to challenge their thinking with new ways to lead through and adapt to the constant changes in the retail industry. Whether your company is experiencing growth or is in the process of evolving to meet changing customer needs, you will leave these events with new tools to effectively deal with change in the workplace.

PRSM Canada East and West events will feature a keynote address by Jennifer Spear, President & Creative Strategist, Clean Slate Strategies. Jennifer will present: UnScripted Mindset™ Think Faster. Lead Smarter. Act Now. Her approach challenges the status quo, allowing you to face uncertainty and ambiguity and take advantage of change.

European Retail Exchange

PRSM will host its European Retail Exchange in Italy at the Hilton Milan, November 9. This one-day event will bring together retail facilities management professionals to share their knowledge and best practices for doing business in both the European and global markets.

Whether you’re already doing business in Europe, or your company is considering expanding its footprint in the future, this is a must-attend event to learn the intricacies of the European market and network with your peers. The PRSM European Retail Exchange will feature a keynote presentation by Evelijn Vissers of Q&A. She will speak about: Retail in Transition: The Development of Points of Engagement.

Why International at All?

While we at PRSM are excited about our international programs and events, in this time of uncertain globalization sentiment, it is relevant to ask: why operate internationally at all? Interestingly, the 2017 PRSM member needs survey reported that 27 percent of PRSM member companies plan to expand outside the United States in the next 3-5 years. Your PRSM Team strives to deliver events, resources and tools that provide value to its members – wherever they are located.

In the July-August Harvard Business Review cover story, titled “The Truth About Globalization,” Pankaj Ghemawat outlines the problem business leaders face as “the myth of a borderless world has come crashing down.” The article advises leaders to avoid over-reacting to anti-globalization sentiment. Ghemawat warns that businesses must always be sure to create – not just extract value. PRSM international events, forums and tools are designed to deliver value to its international members and opportunities for those seeking to enter the international marketplace.

Stay the Course

PRSM’s Strategic Priorities remain as follows:

- Provide the knowledge and skills PRSM members need to achieve global success;

- Facilitate a trusted marketplace across all PRSM events;

- Deliver FM industry resources and give PRSM its voice in policy arenas;

- Maintain the PRSM brand as an ethical, valuable and credible community of FM professionals.

And PRSM will continue to do so with a focus on North America. However, as our PRSM brand continues to expand its reach toward Europe, stay tuned for more PRSM efforts that provide value on the international stage.

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