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PRSM Sets the Industry Mark with New Dynamic Benchmarking

The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) has implemented a dynamic benchmarking system to provide retailers and suppliers a one-stop solution for data collection, interactive peer comparisons and personalized reporting. The new tool sets the mark for retail facilities management.   

DALLAS, TX – July 20, 2017– The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association, (PRSM), the authority on retail, multi-site facilities management (FM), is providing its members an industry leading tool that provides real-time data benchmarking across a wide spectrum of topics.

PRSM has produced numerous benchmarking reports focused on a wide array of topics ranging from sourcing practices to HVAC maintenance, refrigeration, etc. However, these reports lacked dynamic reporting capabilities as well as the ability to deliver ever improving, ongoing reports based upon a database that improves in accuracy as more companies participate in perpetual benchmarking.

Dynamic Benchmarking™ (DB) simplifies the benchmarking process. It provides a configurable, flexible, web-based platform that can be used to assess a wide range of benchmarking topics.  This platform provides a one-stop solution for data collection, interactive peer comparisons and personalized reporting. 

Unlike old pen-and-paper benchmarking, that was permanently linked to a specific benchmarking survey time frame, DB allows companies to continue entering data online over time which dramatically improves accuracy. This system is creating one of the most accurate, retail facilities management benchmarking systems. 

Users can immediately compare their answers to the aggregated database of participants or to a subset of businesses they define using an intuitive filtering mechanism. To protect the identify of specific retailers or suppliers, comparisons are not available until at least ten companies have answered a question. 

“This new tool provides PRSM members a competitive advantage, because it allows them to know precisely where their performance lies compared to others. This information is invaluable because it can be used to validate savings of existing programs or secure approvals for new projects,” stated Bill Yanek, PRSM’s CEO.

Benchmarking is just one tool PRSM provides its members. Others include: white papers, industry best practices, the annual trends report, snap-shot reports, online supplier directories as well as leading industry magazine Retail Store Maintenance.   


About the Professional Retail Store Maintenance® Association (PRSM)

PRSM Association, the authority on Retail and Multi-site Facilities Management, is the leading membership organization for retail facilities and vendor professionals.  PRSM empowers the Retail Industry facilities management with best practices, benchmarking, education, discussion forums and trusted partnerships. Chartered in 1995, and with approximately 950 member companies, PRSM community values are founded on a spirit of innovation, resourcefulness, the quest for knowledge and ethical business relationships. Members depend on PRSM to help them achieve greater success and a competitive advantage through quality programs and resources.

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