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PRSM Supplier Company Urgent Technology Launches Cyber Security White Paper

PRSM supplier company Urgent Technology has launched Cyber-threat and the FM solution - a white paper exploring the threats posed by cyber-security breaches, and explaining how facilities managers can become the guardian of an organization’s security and data.

Cyber-hacking is no longer the sole concern of the IT department; it is an assault on the entire organization, from the C-Suite, to human resources and facilities management. As the lynchpin behind the maintenance of a building’s operational integrity, today’s facilities manager plays an important role in protecting systems against hackers as well as meeting the latest regulatory standards.

Learn more about:

  • The cyber-threat and its consequences
  • The facilities manager’s role in preventing cyber-attack
  • Understanding your organization’s vulnerabilities
  • The opportunities and challenges of IoT
  • Data protection and the Cloud

Request your free copy now.

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