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PRSM2018 takes the POWER OF FACILITIES to a new level!

A record-breaking crowd tapped into the power of facilities at the PRSM2018 National Conference. More than 2,000 facilities professionals powered up on advice from Gary Vaynerchuk in the General Session, attended innovative educational sessions and collaborated while visiting the more than 350 exhibitors on the show floor.

“We are pleased to announce PRSM2018 National Conference has set a new all-time registration record,” said Bill Yanek, PRSM CEO. “We are thrilled to see the excitement rippling through the attendees, the excitement on the trade show floor, and the outstanding number of retailers who are present.”

The conference kicked off Sunday, April 8, with pre-conference activities that included the PRSM Board meeting, golf tournament, street hockey tournament and general networking. Activities ramped up on Monday as committee meetings, the Foundation Charity event, RMFP exam and special educational sessions filled the day.

Tuesday’s schedule began with a crisis! A crisis management session that is, that provided attendees insights into how some of the biggest retailers managed the multiple crises that hit the U.S. during the last 12 months.

The highlight of Tuesday’s schedule was the Gary Vaynerchuk keynote address during the General Session and the PRSM Awards luncheon, followed by the opening of the Exhibit Hall.

Vaynerchuk, one of the world's leading marketing experts, built his career by being exactly where consumer attention is going next.  His dynamic message challenged attendees to always be looking for ways to grab the attention of potential customers by being “following the attention of the customer.”

Jonathan Bauer, PRSM Board Chair, presented the state of the association address. “PRSM is financially strong and sound,” said Bauer. “While we are all dealing with natural disasters, political turmoil, social movements and gun violence, retail is strong and our future is bright.”

Bauer explained that while we cannot control factors that impact the industry we can control what happens at PRSM. “We have surveyed the membership and we are addressing your needs which include technology updates, ensuring we have the right people doing the right thing, and establishing a long-term vision for PRSM. The stage is set, the time is now! Be patient, be positive and engage. Together we can take PRSM to the next level!”

Bill Yanek, PRSM CEO, emphasized how PRSM will execute on the Board’s vision. “We are creating new opportunities for PRSM members to connect, enhancing major conferences by increasing the retailer-to-supplier ratios, upgrading and customizing our technology, embracing diversity opportunities and developing a strategic plan that defines a clear path to 2023,” reported Yanek.

The Awards Luncheon, Tuesday recognized outstanding PRSM members and companies across a wide variety of categories. The Department of Energy (DOE) also awarded the Advanced Roof Top Unit (RTU) awards which also recognized PRSM member companies.

The PRSM Exhibit Hall ribbon cutting welcomed members to the PRSM2018 trade show which was packed throughout the afternoon as retailers visited with hundreds of suppliers capable of meeting any retail facility need.

Educational sessions kicked off Wednesday morning, followed by the second day of the trade show and additional education sessions throughout the day.

It will be a diamond-studded evening as the award-winning Country Western band, Diamond Rio closes down PRSM2018 later this evening. If you missed PRSM2018, you don’t have to wait long for the next PRSM event. PRSM Mid-Year will be September 26 -28, at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, AZ.

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