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Ready to Transform?

Transformation Management. This year, Jeffrey Immelt finished his successful 16-year tenure as CEO of GE. As I read about his tenure and listen to his thoughts on the experience, it’s hard to not be amazed about how the world changed between 2001 and 2017. During his tenure, GE undertook a transformation of epic scale. And, as Immelt will admit, the results were mixed. But, as related in interviews and magazine articles, his lessons learned in managing change are invaluable to leaders of organizations of all sizes. One of those lessons is: during change, organizations must listen and act at the same time. Immelt advises that organizations must allow new thoughts to constantly come in, and be able to pivot when it learns something new.

Year Two Begins. It is an honor to serve as your CEO, and I thank you for your trust. As I embark upon year two of my tenure as your CEO, a transformation continues at PRSM. And, you have my commitment that PRSM’s change efforts will always be accompanied by a robust feedback process allowing new thoughts to come in.

Your Voice. Our 2017 National and Mid-Year Conferences are now in the books. Both were successful for your association and for event attendees. Feedback from those events is extremely valuable as we develop future programming and events. Three areas of feedback are at the top of your CEO’s to-do list as we enter fourth quarter.

PRSM Exhibition Experience. PRSM exhibition venues must facilitate a neutral marketplace for members to sell products/services, educate themselves about FM opportunities, network, and share knowledge regarding FM best practices.

Event Scheduling. Your experience begins with scheduling events when it is most convenient for attendees. Your time is valuable and your PRSM Team will make every effort to schedule our events around other industry events and holidays. While we can’t avoid all conflicts, we will minimize inconveniences by scheduling PRSM’s future events as far ahead as possible. Your PRSM Team is already looking at the 2019 event agenda.

PRSM Energy. I continue to believe that PRSM Energy resources and efforts are underutilized. FMs are increasingly relied upon for energy management expertise. PRSM will support this need through continuing our strategic partnerships. Examples of these strategic partnerships include our work with the Department of Energy (DOE), which remains an outstanding partner for PRSM and an expanded relationship with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL). In November, during RetailGreen, PRSM will release its new Energy Profiling Tool. PRSM needs to hear from you more often than just after our events. The email inbox is a convenient way you can let us know how we are doing. Messages are actively monitored and all messages will receive a response from your PRSM Team.

Your Association: PRSM 365. Those who attended the 2017 Mid-Year Conference heard about the PRSM 365 initiative. Soon, we’ll drop the “initiative” moniker as PRSM 365 is our vision for PRSM operations moving forward. During the past year, PRSM members told us loud and clear that they desire an association that is more than just two events. The good news is that we have a treasure trove of resources for PRSM members. Start your PRSM 365 journey at or reach out to a member of your PRSM Team today.

This Issue. PRSM exists to provide knowledge and education to PRSM members; facilitate trusted marketplaces for members across all PRSM events; deliver FM industry resources; and maintain the PRSM brand as an ethical, valuable and credible community of FM professionals. PRSM will only be able to succeed in this mission if we keep our members on the leading edge of Retail industry trends. One such trend is a redefinition of what it means to be a retailer.

What is a retailer circa 2017? And, what does it mean to be an unretailer? Look inside! 

By: Bill Yanek, PRSM CEO

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