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Retail Facilities Maintenance 
Overview Benchmarking Tool

How to Get Instant KPIs and Industry Comparisons

PRSM Benchmarking solves the challenge of knowing where your brand stands in the industry by providing instant KPIs and downloadable reports with industry comparisons.

The newest member benefit is the “Retail Facilities Maintenance Overview Benchmarking Tool,” a comprehensive benchmarking platform that collects your survey responses in an easy-to-use format and, then, presents results in charts that can be quickly inserted into any presentation to highlight business needs or successes.

All PRSM Primary Members, both Retailers and Suppliers, will receive an email with their account information. The Primary Member can create as many users as they want for their company account so that each section of the survey can be completed by the appropriate specialist. For example, a sustainability specialist can have a sub-account to accurately complete the FM Sustainability section. In addition, PRSM Members with multiple brands can have separate accounts for each brand.

The tool will collect company information from May 8 through July 10. After providing their information, PRSM Members will be able to access instant KPIs based on their information. After a small amount of companies provide their information, the full industry comparisons will be available in a PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to the ability to compare your company to the entire industry, companies have the ability to filter by a variety of different aspects – including store size, region, and number of stores just to name a few. This feature allows participants to truly understand how they compare to their peers.

If you would like to see a demonstration of the tool and hear from members about their benchmarking experiences, please visit the PRSM website and watch the On-Demand Webinar, “Retail Facilities Maintenance Overview Benchmarking Tool – How to Get Instant KPIs and Industry Comparisons.”

When the information-collection time period ends, the tool will be available to participants through the rest of the year for data analysis. PRSM will compile the final “Retail Facilities Maintenance Overview Benchmarking Report,” which builds upon the data collected to understand industry trends and best practices.

All companies who participate in the Retail Facilities Maintenance Overview Benchmarking Tool will receive a complimentary electronic copy of the final report later this year. Non-participants must purchase the final report.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your account for the Retail Facilities Maintenance Overview Benchmarking Tool, please email

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