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Target and Wegmans Food Markets Receive PRSM Sustainability Award

During PRSM2017 National Conference, PRSM honored Target and Wegmans Food Markets as the 2017 recipients of the PRSM Innovation in Sustainability Award.  The award recognizes PRSM retail member companies with outstanding sustainability programs that deliver exceptional results and was presented during the PRSM2017 National Conference.

“PRSM has numerous retail members who are dedicated to sustainability.  However, Target and Wegmans have gone above and beyond to incorporate leading-edge technologies, establish sustainability cultures inside their organizations, and reduce their total carbon footprint. We are proud to present them with the 2017 Innovation in Sustainability Award,” state Bill Yanek, PRSM CEO.  Target and Wegmans received the awards today during the PRSM2017 National Conference in Dallas, TX.

Target Corporation, a national leader in sustainability, encourages both their team and guests to lead more sustainable lifestyles. Highlights of Target’s sustainability efforts include: 

  • 147.5 megawatts of installed solar power, more than any other U.S. company
  • 1.3 billion pounds of retail waste diverted from landfills
  • 61 million pounds of food donated – enough to provide 51 million meals in Target communities
  • 40 megawatts of renewable wind power – enough to power 60 stores 

Wegmans Food Markets, Wegmans Food Markets, a privately held, nationally recognized leader is one of the “Top 100 Companies to Work For,” an impressive twenty consecutive years by Fortune Magazine. Focused on reducing emissions, waste and providing sustainable product and packaging choices. Highlights of Wegmans sustainability success in 2016 include: 

  • 14.5 million pounds of food donated to food banks
  • 4 million pounds of plastic bags recycled
  • 32.6 million pounds of food waste recycled
  • 123 million pounds of cardboard and paper recycled 

An industry leader in sustainability, Wegmans has made significant progress towards a zero-waste store, having reduced waste by 80 percent in a test store, with plans to roll out the waste reduction program to nine additional stores this year. The new goal for the pilot store will be to reduce waste by 90 percent in 2017.

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