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Veristars RFI 
Pre-Qualification Tool

New PRSM Resource to Find the Suppliers You Need

The Veristars RFI Pre-Qualification Tool helps PRSM Retailer Members quickly and easily identify qualified suppliers. The tool can complement or replace their existing RFI process when searching for quality Supplier Members already working in the retail facilities industry. This tool allows retailers to select specific criteria to narrow down the results and find only PRSM Supplier Members that fit your specific needs.

As a member benefit, all PRSM Supplier Members are invited to be included in Veristars and are responsible for keeping their profiles in the Veristars directory up-to-date and accurate.


To find the tool, please login to The Veristars RFI Pre-Qualification Tool is available under “Directories” on the main toolbar. From here you will be able to login and search by trade and location or contractor’s name.


Each new member receives a personalized invitation to be featured in Veristars that will allow them to log into the PRSM Private Network and create, update and manage your profile. If you need your invitation re-sent, please emailλ

Minimum Required Information to Receive PRSM Member Badge:

Company Information

Company Q&A (About your company/marketing – questions & answers)

Business Basics (Years in business, employees etc.)

Offices (locations)




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