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Where Innovation and Art collide: An invitation to “Interface HUB,” the new home of Interface Facility Management

A company synonymous with innovation design and superior execution, Interface Facility Management S.r.l will host an exclusive event for the opening of its new office “Interface HUB” on Thursday, June 22nd, 2017. The event will start from 18:30 and will be hosted at the company’s new building, located at Via Privato Passo Pardoi 7 in Milan, Italy. Not to be overshadowed by its unique and modern exterior design, Interface HUB also features an interior space called Interface HUB/Art – an independent exhibition area to promote arts in 360°. 

A rapid-growing and dynamic Italian firm, Interface FM operates in the sector of facility management and has an accentuated administrative and engineering vocation in the management of commercial and office real-estate. The company is highlighted for its ability to provide tailor-made solutions for each client across various sectors, which has allowed it in only a few years to become a main interface of major international high-tech, luxury and corporate brands.  

The new office, located near the business centre of Milan, is a district known for its sustainable and hi-tech buildings. Neighbouring technological and cultural establishments such as Fastweb and Prada Foundation, the external design of the building makes it a standout amongst the urban landscape. Described by founder and CEO Armando Zuccali, “thanks to its completely open and transparent surface, the main values of Interface FM are experienced: openness, visibility, flexibility, dynamism and innovation”. 

Attilio Terragni, eclectic artist and architect of Interface HUB, will host the gallery’s opening exhibition entitled “Riverrun.” Curated by Elisabetta Longari, the exhibition will pay tribute to his creativity in double dimensions with over 20 architectonic and pictorial artworks and pieces on display. The exhibition will run until the end of August 2017.


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