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PRSM LIVE Events (2018)

Connect with your facilities industry peers in a casual, fun atmosphere where elevator pitches are left at the door and you can socialize with current clients and meet new connections. Traveling for store visits and business? Join us at any PRSM LIVE event near you! 

Retailer Members & Non-Members

PRSM LIVE events will often follow our Retailer2Retailer Best Practices Forums (click to view for more information/calendar for upcoming events). Retailers, if you attend the R2R event, this is an opportunity for you to dive deeper into discussions over light appetizers and beverages. 

Supplier Members & Non-Members

PRSM LIVE events provide you with opportunities to invite and network with your peers. It also expands your network by providing events to get to know other PRSM members and prospective retailers who attend. Non-Member Suppliers are invited to attend one PRSM LIVE, then membership is required to attend future events. 

Stay Up to Date & In the Know

Would you like to receive updates on PRSM LIVE and other PRSM events and information? Email us at to stay up to date on PRSM Association.