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The PRSM Awards Program is the most prestigious recognition for your professional credibility and sets a standard of excellence for others to strive to achieve. The Awards Committee is currently looking for PRSM members with impeccable accomplishments from a company and/or organization that have impacted the field of retail facility management through innovation, operations or outstanding work performance within the industry. 

Winners of the Retailer of the Year, Supplier of the Year, Innovation in Sustainability, Lawrence W. Whelan Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Volunteer and Service Excellence awards will be announced at the PRSM2018 National Conference, April 10-12 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Retailer of the Year Award

PRSM Association’s Retailer of the Year is the most prestigious award recognizing excellence of performance by a retail facility maintenance professional in their workplace.

2017: Jon Dawkins

2016: Matthew Jacques

2015: Mark Warren

2014: Shawn Browning

2013: Kirk Beaudoin

2012: Sandy Ward

2011: Timothy Christian

2010: Karen Shriner

2009: Bill Pietrykowski

2008: Lynn Harnishfeger

2007: Olivia Walker

2006: Dudley Carpenter

2005: Ed Bordelon

2004: Al Perl

2003: Rebecca Lessack

2002: Ron Rau

2001: Brian Grady

2000: Steve Waxman

1999: Jack Dennis

Supplier of the Year Award

Supplier of the Year is the Association’s most prestigious award recognizing excellence in performance by a supplier/consultant to the retail facility maintenance profession in their workplace.

2017: Lisa Varga

2016: Charisse Luckey

2015: Jaclyn Frenzel

2014: Laura Riendeau

2013: Curt Picard

2012: Lisa Varga

2011: Steven Gottfried

2010: Ron Eigenbrod

2009: Ron Prager

2008: Carl Nottberg

2007: Whelan’s International

2006: IBS – Industrial Building Services

2005: Academy Life Fire Safety

2004: Chain Store Maintenance, Inc.

2003: Brinco Mechanical Management Services, Inc.

2002: Blue Northern Air Conditioning, Inc.

2001: American Project & Repair, Inc.

2000: IBS – Industrial Building Services

1999: Pegnato & Pegnato Building Systems Services

Innovation in Sustainability Award

The Innovation in Sustainability Award is the association’s award recognizing companies with innovative sustainability accomplishments in operations and/or outstanding work performance within the industry. A specialized, unique attribute for this recognition includes a successful collaboration between retailers and their vendor partners within the retail facility maintenance industry.

2017: Target

2017: Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.


  JCPenney for Energy Management – “Innovative Solutions”

  Starbucks for Operations – “Global Responsibility – Environmental”

  Walgreens for Innovative Solutions – “Net Zero Store”

2013: Leigh Pearson, Staples Canada Inc. and Pam Soto, Verizon Wireless

2012: JCPenney and RockTenn Waste & Recycling Solutions, The Body Shop International & International Environmental Alliance (IEA)

2011: Staples, Inc.

Lawrence W. Whelan PRSM Lifetime Achievement Award

Lawrence W. Whelan PRSM Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes extraordinary accomplishments by PRSM members. This prestigious award recognizes your peer(s)—living or deceased—who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to the facility maintenance profession over a long career.

2016: Carl Nottberg

2014: Dotty McNally

2012: Ron Eigenbrod

2011: Steven Waxman, RFMP

2010: Olivia B. Walker, CPM

2009: Lawrence W. Whelan

Outstanding Volunteer Award

PRSM’s Outstanding Volunteer of the Year is awarded to a PRSM member who has been an active volunteer that has made a significant difference in PRSM Association’s goals, strategic direction and contributions to the retail facilities management industry. This award is nominated by PRSM Board of Directors, staff and committee members. If you have additional questions on this award contact

2017: William (Bill) Ackerman

2016: Mike Lapointe

2014: Steve Seidel

2013: Maryella Pegnato

2012: Maureen Lux

2011: Tom Bevacqua

2010: John Nadler

2009: Lisa Varga

2008: Bruce Falke

Service Excellence Award

The Service Excellence Award is given to additional volunteer members who have made significant contributions to the Association. This award is nominated by PRSM Board of Directors, staff and committee members. If you have additional questions on this award contact


   Robbie Drake

   Dave Emmons

   Amanda Holup

   Myriah Kingen

   Steven Peldiak


   Rick Aiello

   Michael Kurl

2015: Allen Randolph


   Steve Seidel

   Linda Giddens

   Amber Johnson


   Amanda Hamilton

   Peter Mohrhauser

   Janis Williams

2009: Ann Moran


   Wayne Knaub

   Richard Lee

   Al Perl

   Ron Prager

   Lisa Varga

   Mario Varga


   Robbye Chasteen Deffebach

   Ann Gurnee

   Kenneth Pantin

   Ron Rau

Canadian Excellence Award - DETAILS COMING SOON. 

Canadian Excellence Award is the Association’s most prestigious award that recognizes excellence by a retailer or a supplier in the Canadian Retail Store Management field.  A nominee of this award may be a PRSM Canadian Retailer Member, a Canadian Supplier Member, or a co-nomination of any combination and may or may not reside in Canada or have a headquarters located in Canada. 

2016: Randall Linton

2015: Terry Hays

2014: Michaela Bass