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Board of Directors Election Processes

PRSM is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are career professionals working in the industry each day as retail facilities management or vendors selling to and servicing retail facilities. The Board consists of seven retail and six vendor members who serve three-year rotating terms. Two alternates, one retail, and one vendor member are non-voting board members available to move up to a board seat should a vacancy occur on the Board during a term.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to provide leadership to the organization, enabling it to be a powerful influence in the retail facilities maintenance industry. As the legally constituted governing body, the Board oversees the affairs of PRSM; provides leadership to the profession; and represents the profession to other facility maintenance groups.

The PRSM Nominating Committee is charged with selecting not less than six qualified members in each category for the Board of Directors' elections per the Association's bylaws. The process for selecting these leaders is outlined below.

Questions regarding the Board, nominations or selection process may be directed to Chief Executive Officer Bill Yanek, PRSM Association, or 972.231.9810. 


  • Nominees must be current PRSM Association members in good standing having no outstanding ethics violations.
  • Nominees should display professionalism, fairness, operational  and management knowledge within his/her company.
  • Nominees should display leadership within the facilities management industry.
  • Nominees should display integrity and character that is recognized throughout the industry as having a positive professional reputation and is respected by industry peers.
  • If self-nominating, the nominee may be asked to provide verification of accomplishments by their immediate supervisor or PRSM member in the same company.


The Nominating Committee is comprised of retail and vendor members of the Association who may or may not be familiar with the nominee. To assist with the selection process, please consider the following questions and include as much material as possible about your nominee:

  • Why is this person particularly noteworthy?
  • What has this individual contributed to the PRSM Association?


  • Review all of the nominating criteria and eligibility requirements.
  • Complete the appropriate nomination form.
  • Provide all necessary background information citing why you think this nominee should be elected to the board of directors as specified by the criteria.