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Staff Directory

Bill Yanek 
Chief Executive Officer

972.231.9810 x 100

Contact for Information About:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Governance
  • Association Operations

Kip Eads, CAE
Vice President, Professional Development
972.231.9810 x 104

Contact for Information About:

  • Assocation Operations
  • Overall Education Strategy and Initatives
  • Liaison to the Professional Development and Ethics Committees

Jennifer Longley
Vice President, Marketing
972.231.9810 x 108

Contact for Information About:  

  • PRSM Brand Guidelines
  • Annual Marketing Plans
  • Market Research & Analysis

LeeAnn Norton, CEM
Vice President, Global Events
972.231.9810 x 102

Contact for Information About:

  • Overall conference/event information, logistics, sponsorship and exhibits
  • General information for suppliers, including benefits, marketing opportunities, programs and webinars
  • Liaison to the Supplier Relations Committees

Shana Santoni
Vice President, Global Membership Development
972.231.9810 x 119 

Contact for Information About: 

  • Membership Sales and Retention
  • Membership Resources
  • Liaison to the Membership, Networking and International Committees

Stephanie Moon-James, RFMP
Vice President, Strategic Resource Development
972.231.9810 x 114

Contact for Information About:

  • Retail Facilities Management (RFMP)
    • Benchmarking, Tools, Best Practices, White Papers and Global Sustainability Initiatives
  • Retailer2Retailer Events
  • Liaison to the Sustainability Council & Task Force and the Benchmarking and Best Practices Committees

Bruce Condit
Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs
972.231.9810 x 103

Contact for Information About:

  • Manages PRSM publications including PRSM Magazine, INSIDE PRSM, PRSM Weekly and special publications
  • Directs all media and public relations
  • Manages media inquiries

Nelda Alston
Office Manager
972.231.9810 x 106

Contact for Information About: 

  • Financial Payment Information
  • General Administration Inquiries
  • Liaison to the Finance & Ethics Committees

Shāna Thomas
Senior Manager, Conference & Events Marketing
972.231.9810 x 111

Contact for Information About:  

  • Digital Technology & Media
  • PRSM X-Change
  • IT Strategic Plan Manager

Lauren Culpepper
Web Content Manager
972.231.9810 x 105

Contact for Information About:

  • Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics

Katie Shanklin
Manager, Member & Product Marketing
972.231.9810 x 125

Contact for Information About:

  • Product Marketing 
  • Membership Marketing
  • Member Retention

Anne Aleman
Senior Manager, Facilities Management Resources 
972.231.9810 x 117

  • Retailer2Retailer Forums
  • Tools & Templates Program Lead
  • Multi-site Facilities Repair & Maintenance Manual

Meg Buckley
Manager, Resource Content Development
972.231.9810 x 112

Contact for Information About:

  • White Papers 
  • Benchmarking Program Lead

Cary Richmond, CMP
Meetings and Events Manager
866.963.1895 or 972.231.9810 x 110

  • Meetings & event management functions to include all meeting logistics, AV/Production and design
  • Supports Supplier Relations in functions and events
  • Member and Non-Members contact concerning event related questions and overall logistics.
Corinne Dwyer
Event Specialist
972.231.9810 x 115

Contact for information about:

  • Conference Logistics
  • Exhibitor Registration
  • Sponsorship Management

Brenda Villarreal
Manager, Professional Development
972.231.9810 x 121

Contact for Information About:

  • Development Education Content
    • National Conference
    • Mid-Year Conference
  • Liaison to the National Conference Task Force and Mid-Year Conference Task Force

Joanna Brown
Education & Certification Specialist
972.231.9810 x 122

Contact for Information About:

  • RFMP Designation
  • PRSM Online Education
    • Retail Facilities 101
    • RFMP Study Course
  • Webinars

Leah Machann
Manager, Member Services
972.231.9810 x 116

Contact for Information About:

  • Membership Database
  • Membership Renewals
  • Retailer Conference Registration

Rob Graham
Manager, Member Relations Manager (Canada)
972.231.9810 x 123

Contact for Information About:

  • Membership Sales & Retention
  • Membership Resources
  • Liaison to Canadian Committee

Scott Kettles
Manager, Membership Development, PRSM East 
972.231.9810 x 120 

Contact for Information About:

  • Membership Sales & Retention Northeast US
  • Membership Resources

Miranda Moffett
Global Membership Coordinator
972.231.9810 x 113

Contact for Information About:

  • Questions on: General Membership (Password Resets, Updating Membership Roster and Profile Information), Veri*Stars RFI Pre-Qualification Portal, PRSM Career Center
  • PRSM LIVE Events
  • Membership Resources

Kendall Carlson
Communications & PR Coordinator
972.231.9810 x 101

Contact for Information About:

  • InsidePRSM Newsletter
  • Retail Store Maintenance Magazine
  • Online Supplier’s Resource Guide

Cynthia Meeks
Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant 
972.231.9810 x 107

Contact for Information About:

  • Accounts Receivables and Payables
  • Exhibit Payments, Billing & Payment Confirmation
  • W-9s
  • Certificates of Insurance

Sara Sanavi
972.231.9810 x 107