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PRSM Weekly Industry News

PRSM Weekly Industry News (Updated Fridays)

What you need to know about the HFC refrigerant phase-out
Regulatory Wrap-Up: Updates on wage increases, NAFTA and transportation
Amazon adds 'Instant Pickup' in U.S. brick-and-mortar push
4 ways to go green in existing buildings
Target expands its next-day ‘everyday essentials’ delivery service, Target Restock
TJX flexes its brick-and-mortar muscles
In the shadow of Apple and Samsung
Canada Goose expands global retail footprint with three new stores
The boom is booming and Home Depot is setting records
Three tricks to improve efficiency and maintain quality
Myth busters: Is efficiency possible in old buildings?
Inside the LA mall that’s defying the retail apocalypse
Retail giants are now flocking to Iceland
Congress signals support for EPA Watersense programs
Abercrombie & Fitch rolls out new store concept
5 things you might be surprised to see this holiday season
Aldi to offer grocery delivery service in 3 US cities
Target to partner with Barnes & Noble College in a battle against Amazon for college students
US retail sales beat expectations in July
Stop with the retail apocalypse: Mall, shopping center landlords are tired of industry chatter
Internet of Things poses a threat to anything and everyone
Chicago’s Water Tower Place to feature rotating pop-up retailer stores
Target and Best Buy win lobbying against B.A.T. tax
42% of back-to-school shoppers have researched, purchased by early July
Retail is still 'fundamentally healthy'
Apple installing largest wind turbines in Pacific Northwest
Mall of America launches new shopper positioning tech
Walmart cuts in front of Amazon Go with app
LEDs: Strategies to reduce energy costs
Lowe’s takes on heavy lifting with tech
Office Depot launches same-day delivery
Amazon wants to build a network of mobile drone maintenance and delivery platforms
Uniqlo will sell clothes out of vending machines in airports across the U.S.
Toys"R"Us® returning to Times Square-temporarily
Why brick-and-mortar is better than ever - for online retailers
Oregon mandates when workers must get work schedules
World’s fastest-growing character brand opens Time Square Flagship store
Shading and lighting retrofits slash energy usage by 80%
$15 minimum wage and paid leave on Massachusetts ballot
Are there too many grocery stores?
China’s Store of the Future has no checkout, no cash and no staff
Study shows Generation Z prefers to shop in stores
Amazon’s ‘Treasure Truck’ deals program is expanding nationwide
88 percent of retailers still feel vunerable to cyber attacks
B.A.T. tax and labor law changes top regulatory issues this week
New 'Save Local Business Act' overturns NLRB's 2015 definition of 'joint employer'
Congress drops B.A.T. tax in latest budget
Belk to invest $40M in new stores
38 PRSM Retailers make the Hot 100 Retailers list
These retailers make the most money per square foot on their real estate