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2017 PRSM Association Board of Directors Elections

Each year, the PRSM membership elects new people to the Board of Directors. This year, there are six retail members and six supplier members that have been nominated to represent the membership on the Board of Directors. It is important that the Primary Members vote to ensure that you are represented by the members you think are best suited to lead PRSM into the future. Candidate statements and biographies are listed below and will introduce you to their focus, enthusiasm and excitement to join our board.

Voting is Open Wednesday, March 8 - Friday, March 17, 7:00 pm (CDT)
 We have over 1,000 member companies eligible to vote this year. Primary members should receive a personalized email with a link to the ballot to vote on behalf of each member company. To request the name of your primary voting member contact

Retailer Corporate Member Candidates (alphabetical order)

There are six Retail Corporate Member candidates that the PRSM Nominating Committee believes are strong potential board members. From these candidates, two Retail Board seats will be filled based on your votes. There are also two Retail Alternates that will be selected this year.

    As a Facility Manager for almost 20 years and an active member of PRSM for over 17 years, I have committed my professional career to the Facility Management industry. I have shown my dedication and commitment to the Association and my peers by publishing articles, best practices and white papers. I have also served on numerous committees, presented at conferences and have previously served on the PRSM Board many years ago.
    My vast facility management knowledge and numerous trade designations and certifications have further elevated my expertise. I have been fortunate to receive accolades for my work internally (Nike Maxim awards) and externally (PRSM Retailer of the Year award).
    I believe my strengths are my passion and dedication as well as my ability to think strategically and outside the box while understanding the logistics involved tactically.
    Candidate Statement
      Throughout my many years in the Faciility industry, I have had the opportunity to share my knowledge through multiple venues and be a resource for others to learn and grow while always remaining engaged as a leader with innovative and creative problem solving.
      To help with networking, I believe we can expand in our utilization of social media to better connect with the future generaton of Facility Managers and communicate, inside and outside, of the Association. I would also like to help further educate and train Facility Managers in retail technology. As technology plays a more integral part with our customers and in our retail stores, we should be a valued partner in the design and implementation of the technological advances.
      As Steve Prefontaine once said, "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." My gift is Facility Management, and I vow to continue to give you my best as a member of the Board.
      I would be proud and honored to represent you on the Board. I truly appreciate your vote.
      I have been working in retail for over 25 years, both as a retailer and a vendor, and believe this dual experience gives me a unique perspective on the challenges faced by both.
      In my current role as Director of Facilities for TD Bank, I am responsible for the strategic direction and daily operation of the facilities department for almost 1500 locations.
      When I am not working, I am spending time with my beautiful bride of almost 20 years, Jennifer. Together we are the busy team that is raising our three kids, Maeve, Colin and Keira. My family is the center of my universe.
      I was born, raised, and still reside in New Jersey, but I graduated with a degree in Secondary Education from the University of Arizona.
      I would describe myself as an imperfect, resilient, competitive and compassionate person and believe that my strengths focus on relationships, partnerships, leadership, integrity and team building.
      My interests include coaching my kids’ sports teams, playing ice hockey, running marathons, building things and volunteering my time to help others. When I have been asked why I do the volunteer work that I do, I answer, "It makes me feel good to help someone else feel good."
      I endeavor to apply in my life every day the same five qualities that I try to instill in the kids I am blessed to coach:
    • Smile
    • Have fun
    • Hustle
    • Listen
    • Be a good teammate
      Candidate Statement
        I have been a PRSM member since 2010 and have always been impressed with the vital work the organization does in bringing people in our industry together for the benefit of all parties.
        I’m honored and humbled to be nominated to the Board, and know that wouldn't have been possible without the help of so many members of PRSM, who over the years have shared their knowledge and experience with me, supporting and mentoring me.
        As someone that places a premium upon relationships, partnerships, and teamwork, I’m proud of all that PRSM does to further the development of those dynamic qualities that are so integral to the success of our industry. So much more can be accomplished when individuals work together than when a person or business goes it alone.
        So I commit to you today that if elected, I will focus on those three qualities to help PRSM excel in providing an environment that helps all parties:
      • Create and grow relationships
      • Support and strengthen existing partnerships, and be conducive to creating new ones
      • Foster a setting that is even more inclusive and supportive of teamwork
        Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm grateful for the opportunity to give back, and through teamwork, help build upon the strong foundation put in place by previous boards.
        I would greatly appreciate your support and ask for both your vote, AND your partnership, in the coming years in assisting our PRSM Teams' growth from good to GREAT!
        I started in the maintenance field by working at a small plumbing, heating and air conditioning company during the summer and school breaks. Very early on I learned the value of hard work, delivering excellent customer service, and working as a team to get the job done right. Over the years I’ve been exposed to many aspects of the facilities and maintenance field, including contracting, manufacturing, service and facilities management from the retail side. This 360-degree view allows me to see and understand the challenges that we all face from the vendor and retailer points of view and utilize this experience to work together to come up with mutually beneficial solutions to these challenges.
        In my current position as Operations Maintenance Manager at Murphy USA, I oversee the facilities and fuel maintenance for 440 locations across 12 states in our Midwest Region. While there are many responsibilities with this position, my primary passion and focus is providing excellent service and support to what I consider to be my customers, the Murphy USA Operations Teams.
        I have also been involved with PRSM since 2011, and have served on the Best Practices Committee as a Co-Chair; I currently serve on the National Conference Task Force. PRSM has been an invaluable resource to me in my career progression, both through the relationships I’ve made and the education I’ve received. I look forward to utilizing my unique combination of experience and perspective to continue to serve the organization in the best possible way.
        Candidate Statement
          I have been involved with PRSM since 2011 and have served on the Best Practices Committee and National Conference Task Force. I truly believe in the organization and the benefits it provides to all members through networking, education, and its many resources. If given the opportunity to continue to serve by being elected to the Board of Directors, I will bring the same dedication, hard work, vision, and leadership that I have proven throughout my career in Facilities Maintenance. I believe that by working together we can overcome any challenges PRSM may face, and continue to improve on an already industry leading organization.
          I am honored to have been nominated to the ballot for PRSM’s Board of Directors, and I would welcome the opportunity to serve in this position. PRSM has a proud past and having the opportunity to help guide PRSM into the future is definitely an exciting prospect. I vow to serve to the best of my abilities, and bring my experience, knowledge and teamwork attitude to ensure that we, as an organization, are providing the necessary resources and tools to ensure value to all PRSM members.
          I do not take this nomination lightly. While I know I would bring strong leadership to the Board, I ask that you vote for the candidate(s) that you feel are most qualified to lead PRSM, as I believe that the organization’s success is much more important than any individual triumph.
            Karen Halley, Director of Property Administration, has been with the Big Lots company for over 20 years. Karen currently manages Lease Administration and Property (Facilities) Management.
            Karen's experience includes strong organizational development skills. At Big Lots, she has developed a productive Lease Administration audit team that saves over $4 million dollars a year through auditing landlord invoices. Since taking over the Facility Department in 2009, Karen has created several new staff positions, and developed an in house preferred vendor program. Karen is also responsible for financial strategies for an annual expense budget of over $9 million dollars together with a budget of $6.3 million dollars in capital expense. Karen has driven expenses down over the past few years through cost savings strategies.
            Karen currently serves on the Ethics Committee at PRSM, and she has previously served on the Best Practices Committee where she has authored several best practice white papers. In addition, Karen currently serves on two condominium boards.
            Candidate Statement
              I have been a member of PRSM since 2009, and I am excited about the opportunity to run for the Board to contribute to the future of PRSM. I would like the opportunity to serve on the Board so that I may give back to an organization that has given me so much over the years.
              I believe that my leadership and management experience will allow me to take an active role in furthering the educational opportunites currently available at PRSM, and also to provide benefit in thought leadership programs and best practices.
              I see PRSM as the “go-to” resource for facility professionals, and I expect the future vision of PRSM will be stronger than ever. I would love to be a part of PRSM’s future growth and development.
              It would be an honor to serve on the Board.
              As Director of Repair & Maintenance, Myriah Kingen is responsible for the strategic planning and management of maintenance projects and programs for more than 1,465 stores. In the last year, she has lead her company to adopt a Centralized R&M Program, and rolled out a new CMMS system to help control expenses, streamline services and afford a time savings to her Operational partners. Kingen has also managed facilities programs and projects at Burlington Stores, PETCO and Christopher and Banks with a focus on cross-functional team project management. Kingen has been an active member of PRSM since 2006 and continues to participate in industry events. She is knowledgeable on the policy governance model and the PRSM Ends priorities and was an active contributor to the Executive Search committee in reviewing, interviewing and selecting our new CEO.
              Candidate Statement
                I am immensely grateful for this nomination and eager to serve if elected. I am deeply committed to excellence in facilities services at all levels. I feel I have the practical experience within PRSM and my career, the capabilities, wisdom and vision to lead strategically, the commitment and collaboration skills to engage fully, and the vision and drive to help PRSM achieve annual and future results. I have been a member of PRSM since 2006 and have been part of the Ethics, Editorial and Mid-Year Conference Committees. I would welcome the opportunity to continue to be of service to the organization as a Board member. Specifically, I would bring my thoughtful, yet optimistic approach to the role, as well as my commitment to continue to promote engagement, learning and growth for the facilities industry by developing innovative, win-win approaches. Please vote for me, and I will use my skills to help all PRSM members gain and sustain a competitive edge as a professional in the PRSM organization.
                  Joshua Witte currently serves as the Director of Retail Maintenance and Development for Samsung Electronics America, a position he has held since August 2013. In this role, Joshua Witte is responsible for the strategic direction of facilities development, maintenance and repair for Samsung's retail footprint across North America, encompassing over 40,000 retail locations, including what was the first Samsung-owned retail store in the United States in the Soho neighbohood of Manhattan and the newest flagship at 837 Washington St. in lower Manhattan. Prior to joining Samsung, he was the Director of Industry Programs for PRSM Association and was responsible for development and implementation of the tools and resources used by the membership, including benchmarking, best practices, sustainability and thought leadership. Witte brings nearly 22 years of experience in the facility management industry to his new role, with previous roles as a long-time project manager in the facilities management and construction departments of JCPenney and in the shopping mall industry, as well as significant time spent on the vendor side of the industry, in both sales and operations capacities.
                  Candidate Statement
                    It has been over two decades for me in the facility management industry. I have been a vendor and a retailer. I have been in sales, and in operations. I have been in management and been in the field. I have even spent time working for PRSM, developing many of the resources that our membership uses on a regular basis. It is this perspective and expertise that I can bring to the Association should I be elected to the Board. I have a vision of PRSM growing on a global scale, on being not only the quintessential go-to resource for all things retail facility management in North America, but as a resource and organization that transcends national boundaries, and should I be elected, this is what I would strive for. I am a huge proponent of professional development and giving back to your industry, and this is why I have always been, and always will be, a champion for this organization. PRSM has been there for me as a resource and guide throughout my career, and, if elected, I look forward to helping bring this organization to a new level of prominence internationally. Thank you for your vote, and I look forward to serving you on the Board.

                    Supplier Corporate Member Candidates (alphabetical order)

                    There are six Supplier Corporate Member candidates that the committee believes are strong potential board members. From these candidates, two Supplier Board seats will be filled based on your votes. There is also one Supplier Alternate that will be appointed this year.

                      Cindy Collette, Director Sales and Marketing for iCheck, directs sales and marketing initiatives and examines the corporation's operating environment, predicting and analyzing future scenarios within the industry, allowing her employer to adapt, diversify and further support industry changes. Understanding industry products, services and competencies to ensure that her employer meets customers' objectives as well as providing an added value to contribute to their success. Identifying strategies within our senior team and together utilizing tools such as Brainstorming, SWOT Analysis and problem solving approaches. Overseeing new strategies and taking on the role of "Project Manager" to track and evaluate execution. Cindy continues to be a leader in the FM community by offering a consultative approach to her clients, thereby creating customized cost-effective solutions to more than 22,000 facilities. From language laws to licensing regulations to economic impacts, Cindy understands the many challenges that vendors face. Cindy's been intricate in developing best practices for national initiatives for small and large multi‑site projects. Industry experience includes over 8 years in facility management and over 10 years in heavy construction. Cindy takes pride in her knowledge and success and is committed to continuous improvement to better service the FM community.
                      Candidate Statement
                        I’ve had the privilege of working with the PRSM membership on various initiatives such as serving as your Supplier Co-Chair for the Canadian Committee for three years, presenting at National Conference, Co-Chairing the Canadian membership taskforce, moderating educational seminars and providing insight on various PRSM initiatives. I've worked with the Association, fellow retail and supplier members to drive membership, brand awareness and educational value. If elected, I bring a senior level of communication and business acumen in product development, marketing, and strategic planning. I'm committed to be available to hear your ideas and concerns on how we as a team may work together to achieve both short- and long-term goals. I will continue to build opportunities within education and networking to increase ROI to all membership. I'm passionate about PRSM's role within the FM community. With the utmost enthusiasm, passion for the industry, strong work ethic and integrity, I would be honored to serve on PRSM's Board of Directors. I would appreciate your vote!
                        I am honored to be nominated for the PRSM Board of Directors. With over 15 years of sales management and marketing experience within the Retail and Restaurant Facility Management industries, my focus has included customer relationship management, strategic alliance development, new business initiatives, brand awareness campaigns, sales account growth and profitability administration. I have spent my career fostering account relationships while achieving sales targets thanks to the education, strategic partnerships, team member development and networking that PRSM has provided.
                        PRSM has played an active role in my career since joining in 2006. Along with the 6 terms of committee work that I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering on, the strategic taskforces that I’ve been a part of and the countless PRSM networking events that I’ve attended, PRSM has helped me evolve on both a professional and personal level.
                        I am an energetic, engaging, trustworthy and diplomatic person and will always be an advocate for our association. I truly appreciate the integral role that PRSM has played in my successes, advancements and growth and would love the opportunity to give back to the organization by serving on the Board of Directors.
                        Candidate Statement
                          PRSM is an essential part of the facilities management industry; with a strong foundation in place and its significant resources, we must continue to help PRSM grow while preserving its status as the industry’s leading retail organization. If elected, I will partner with the Board to preserve the momentum that PRSM has already established.
                          As a primary advocate for the industry, PRSM should be seen as the first place you turn to when a difficult situation arises and not just viewed as a National event. Each conference, networking event, volunteering opportunity and educational experience gives each of us the ability to use our own background to help the industry better understand current challenges while guiding us to drive knowledge sharing and promote best practices.
                          If you provide me with the honor of serving on the Board of Directors, it would be a privilege to use my energy and leadership experience toward helping PRSM grow. I will also work diligently to increase participation within our existing members while also expanding our ranks by cultivating the talents of the growing millennial work force. With a focus on listening, learning, contributing and solutions, I will devote my time and passion to being the reliable asset that we need for our cutting-edge, industry leading association.
                          I would love the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and I humbly ask for your vote.
                          Tom Kay is the Vice President of Enterprise Sales for ENTOUCH where he evangelizes the importance technology plays in the faciliies management space. He received his bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas. He has spent the vast majority of his professional career in sales management and technical sales addressing the needs of enterprise customers in the retail, restaurant, commercial real estate, financial services and hospitality space. Tom has been a member of PRSM for nearly ten years and has held various roles in the following PRSM committees: Best Practices, Editorial Board, Membership Task Force and Vendor Relations. In addition to PRSM, Tom is a member of RFMA, EEI and RILA. Tom resides in Dallas with his wife of 20 years, their two children and a growing number of pampered pets.
                          Candidate Statement
                            The opportunity of serving on the PRSM Board of Directors would be a great honor and I feel very fortunate to have been considered for the position.
                            PRSM has a bright future and I have a passion and commitment to see it succeed.
                            If I were fortunate enough to earn your vote, my vision for success would be to build upon the strong foundation established by my predecessors while leveraging the intellectual capital and “energy” of the current Board members and PRSM membership as a whole.
                            I feel that my industry experience, business acumen and current skill-set as Vice President of Enterprise Sales for ENTOUCH would be an asset to the PRSM Board as they establish the goals and objectives of the coming year(s).
                            I have a successful track record of working alongside both Retailer and Service Vendors since joining PRSM in 2008. Today, I currently sit on the Best Practices Committee and have co-chaired the Editorial Board (2013 - Present) as well as participated on the Vendor Relations Committee (2012-2013) and the Membership Task Force (2010-2012).
                            Additionally, I frequently contribute to the PRSM Trends report, participate in educational webinars, PRSM LIVE events, Mid-Year Conference, National Conference and Retail Green.
                            As the Chairman of the newly formed PRSM TOOLS TASKFORCE, I am on the front line of creating the deliverable Tools, Templates, Manuals and Checklists that will drive value for PRSM members today and into the future.
                            I am a results-oriented sales and marketing professional with 25+ years of experience in strategic management, brand development, product marketing, capital asset management strategies, cleaning process validation, manufacturing and strategic partnership development.
                            I am a TCO asset management consultant, speaker, author and process designer. I am happy to bring all of this experience to PRSM each and every day.
                            I was honored to be nominated for the PRSM 2017 People to Watch article to appear in PRSM magazine in addition to receiving the 2015 PRSM Service Excellence Award for my work on the PRSM Benchmarking Committee.
                            I have also volunteered for the non-profit MUSEUM OF CLEAN, located in Pocatello, ID. Founded by my friend Don Aslett, this 60,000 sq. ft. museum documents and displays the rich history of the cleaning industry and validates the “Value of Clean.” If you ever find yourself traveling in that part of the country, it is a wonderful experience and worth planning a visit.
                            My commitment to PRSM, in whatever role I am fortunate to occupy, is to bring the PASSION, LEADERSHIP, and VISION that the PRSM membership and facilities profession deserve!
                            Candidate Statement
                              FACILITIES LEADERSHIP. With shrinking budgets, re-sizing locations, changes in regulatory guidelines, and evolving customer habits and demands, PRSM needs to support the demand for FACILITY LEADERSHIP. Facility Leaders are different than Facility Managers. Leaders are asked to find new solutions to complex issues and lead their organizations on a new path. We must have an association that is prepared to assist in the professional development of both Facility Leaders and Facility Managers! That is my passion!
                              If you vote for me, I’ll use all of my abilities and experience to Honor the Past, Embrace the Present, and help lead PRSM into the changing Future.
                              PRSM is a dynamic association, however we should always strive for more:
                            • More tools.
                            • More members.
                            • More knowledge sharing and benchmarking.
                            • More Facilities Leadership development.
                            • More information on industry trends.
                            • More networking.
                            • More career development.
                            • More awareness of the importance of Facilities Management in the entire Enterprise Value.
                              PRSM must also be financially strong. New revenue streams must be developed and grown by creating value for retail members and the vendors.
                              I am the current Chairman of the PRSM TOOLS TASKFORCE. I believe that creating and delivering Time & Cost Calculators, Business Templates, Checklists, and Manuals is a critical value for all PRSM members.
                              I believe I’ve brought the characteristics and deliverables mentioned above to PRSM, and I’m asking for your vote to expand my opportunity to make a difference as a representative on PRSM’s Board of Directors.
                              I have been President of Cornell Storefront Systems since 1991. During that time I have chaired my own Advisory Board and have had the privilege to serve on several Executive Boards (including PRSM as their first Supplier Treasurer). Effective Business Leadership, Strategic Planning and Financial Management are all topics that engage me personally.
                              I have served PRSM on the Financial Committee, the Executive Board as Treasurer, a Speaker at many Conferences and currently as Co-Chair for the Supplier Relations Committee.
                              In 2015, I was honored by the PRSM Membership and presented with the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award.
                              Candidate Statement
                                I have been with PRSM since inception and have seen dramatic change. The most important has been the last few years where the Leadership have invested significant time to determine the future direction of PRSM. Their Governance and Policy changes have given guidance as to the future of PRSM for the next 20+ years. I couldn't be more excited for PRSM and our Industry! It's a fantastic time to be engaged with PRSM as we take the right steps to position ourselves as the preeminent Professional Facility Management Association with no equal. Along the way, PRSM will have issues; including competitors and having their value proposition challenged. I am extremely interested in participating in a Board Leadership position working very hard to develop an effective business strategy while adding additional value for the Membership.
                                Matthew Lawrence Whelan has happily embraced the opportunity to be involved in Facility Maintenance his entire career. The journey began at a very early age in his father’s facilities maintenance business, Whelan’s International, where he successfully climbed the ranks of the organization up until its sale in 2007. After working through the new ownership transition, Matthew departed to complete his Executive MBA and form W Services Group. His new company opened its doors for business in December 2009, with a mission to provide functional, yet innovative solutions to the marketplace while driving to become The Next Generation In Facilities Expertise.
                                Matthew is committed to the core values of this organization that foster a client centric culture and approach. Under his guidance and leadership, W Services has successfully grown and prospered each and every year. Matthew is a subject matter expert who is proficient at leadership, culture development, relationship building, and current industry trends.
                                Matthew has served on the PRSM Best Practices Committee for 3 years (2 years as Co-Chair), the National Conference Task Force for 3 years (1 year as Co-Chair), has published 2 best practice papers, contributed to one magazine article and conducted one interview. He has also participated in a CSA video interview around industry trends and solutions. Additionally, Matthew is actively involved in philanthropy with The Whelan Foundation as a Board Director. The Foundation supports youth focused programs of individuals with special needs, provides individual scholarships and financial support to multiple programs in this community.
                                Candidate Statement
                                  Hello PRSM Community! First, I would like to thank the entire PRSM Board and Leadership Team, along with the Association and its members, for the opportunity to be placed as a candidate for nomination to the Board of Directors for PRSM. It is with tremendous excitement and honor that I would be provided the opportunity to represent the member community as a vendor delegate. I firmly believe that my 25 years of industry experience will help the guidance, focus and impact of our association on our industry. It is my goal to help promote the Association’s expertise in facility maintenance, while driving the networking and education experiences across our community. I believe it is imperative that we promote a continued sense of partnerships amongst our members for the greater development of our individual and company goals. It is my intention to represent our members to best of my ability and continue to push PRSM to be the best association within our industry.