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This is where you can find the resources you need to achieve excellence through professional development. Our online programs deliver the knowledge you need and provide an exceptional learning experience. These programs can be viewed any day or time, and they can be stopped and resumed at a later time or day. After registration, participants have 45 days to complete the course.


PRSM’s focus is on presenting the latest industry specific information that enables retail facilities professionals to be their most creative and productive. This best of conference series features insight to enhance your job knowledge and professionalism.

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Dedicated courses for retail facility management professionals with basic technical trade knowledge that is valuable in the marketplace.

Videos Available Now

The RFMP Study Program is a comprehensive series of classes composed of the essential concepts required of a professional in retail facilities management. This series of 8 classes is an education program first and preparation for the RFMP designation second. Participants can apply what they learn to their careers immediately after the first class.

Available Spring 2017

  • Managing Routine and Emergency Repair/Replacement Processes
  • Managing Preventative Maintenance (PM) Programs
  • Managing Project Roll Out
  • New Store Turnover
  • Closing an Existing Store
  • Maintaining Accurate Database Information
  • Managing Assets
  • Executing a Disaster Management Process

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