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Inside PRSM: February 15, 2017

Member News

Genesco Vice President, Leon Weitzman, Retires After 25 Years

Leon Weitzman, Vice President of Facilities Management and Procurement, has announced his retirement after working at Genesco for 25 years. Weitzman has been an engaged PRSM member for more than a decade. He joined PRSM in 2001 without any facilities management experience, and in 2007 hosted one of the first Retailer2Retailer events at Genesco.

In 2016, he was nominated for PRSM’s Retailer of the Year award. Weitzman never missed a national conference, and attended most Mid-Year conferences. Click here to read more about Weitzman’s retirement. Click here for more.

Company Bets China Has an Appetite for Taco Bell

Last month, PRSM Member Taco Bell opened the first Taco Bell in China in years, and says it plans to open more locations in the future. Unfortunately for Taco Bell, tacos and burritos are virtually unknown in China. In Shanghai, Taco Bell is ditching the greasy American favorites, such as taco shells made out of Doritos or fried chicken. Instead, it’s tailoring the menu to local tastes, offering basic, understandable Tex-Mex fare like the crunchy taco supreme and a chicken quesadilla. Click here for more.

Welcome New Members

We are excited to welcome the following new individuals and member companies who recently joined PRSM. 

*Denotes new member companies


Holiday Retirement

Trey Hanson

Mark Schmidl

David Yurman

Sean Macmillan

 Toy's R Us

Alexander Dumo


Cancon Group Inc.*

Jordan Lottman

Chris Govedaris

Valente Gjokaj

 Dynasol Industries Inc.*

Douglas Andler

Harry Alberts

James Thain

 Master Technology Group*

Ryan Blundell

Tom Fuxa

Nate Hanover

 Nouveau Elevator Industries*

Dean Speranza

Michael Hannan

Blair General Maintenance Contractor*

Mike Henry

Richard Nelson

Tray Latte

National Glazing Solutions LLC*

James Beale

Patrick Coyle

Scott Gwaltney

American Wholesale Lighting*

Jeffrey Jensen

Mark Jensen

OME Inc.*

Anthony Koziar

Sid Koziar

Terry Caster

NexRev, Inc.

Lisa Leeks

Industry News

FedEx teams with Walgreens for Package Pickup, Dropoff

PRSM Members FedEx and Walgreens have partnered to offer package pickups and drop-offs in nearly 8,000 Walgreens nationwide by the fall of 2018. FedEx says teaming up with Walgreens will expand its network and help its e-commerce customers to pick up or ship packages at locations that are secure and staffed. Making sure packages are safe and protected is the main focus of the partnership, noting that customers rank pharmacies as a preferred location to pick up shipments. Click here for more.

PRSM Retailers make Top Ten Most Innovative Retail List

This year marks the 10th edition of Fast Company’s  World’s Most Innovative Companies rankings. PRSM retailers: The Home Depot (3), Ulta Beauty (8), and TJ Maxx (9) all made it in the Top Ten Most Innovative Retail list. To read more about these innovative companies, and others who made the list click here.

Harris Poll Announces 2017 Reputation Quotient Ratings

Five PRSM retail members made the top ten of the Harris Poll Reputation Quotient Ratings. Wegmans (2), Publix Super Markets (3), Apple (5), Tesla Motors (9), and 3M Company (10) all rank in the top ten. Wegmans ranks in the top two on all six reputation dimensions (Social Responsibility, Emotional Appeal, Products, Vision and Leadership, Financial Performance, and Workplace Engagement), while Tesla Motors ranks top five in six of the dimensions. Tesla Motors is brand new to the top 100 Most Visible Companies.

Click here to review the reputations of the most visible companies.



Do You Do Business in Mexico? Join PRSM in Mexico City! Today is the Last Day to Register!

On February 23, PRSM Association will host its inaugural meeting in Mexico City, in conjunction with the ISSA Interclean Latin American Conference, February 21-23 at the World Trade Center / Pepsi Center. Thank you to our hosts Michael Sloan, Gap, Inc.; Miguel Jiménez and Fernando Ramirez, NexRev; and Jake Rehmann, Service Channel.

The PRSM meeting will be from 1500-1800 and will welcome suppliers and retailers who do business in Mexico and Latin America. There will be a networking reception at Bellini Piso 45 from 1800-1900. Registration is required, although there will not be a registration fee to participate in the PRSM meeting. Registration ends today.

The purpose of the meeting is to introduce Latin American retailers and suppliers to PRSM and to each other and to determine if there is a need and desire for PRSM in Latin America. We also want to facilitate discussions about the challenges and issues retailers face in Mexico and specific retail needs in the Mexican marketplace.

In addition, all retailers will be able to attend the exhibition for the ISSA Interclean Latin American Conference at no cost. To attend the conference, please complete the PRSM meeting registration form by today.

Click here for more information about the event.

Facilities Management Webinar: How Seasonality Affects Retail Store Maintenance

Each season brings its own challenges for facility maintenance professionals.  Maintaining an organized operation and coordinating preventative services while keeping downtime at a minimum will also help in avoiding costly reactionary repairs.  This Facilities Management Webinar, will discuss the best practices and industry standards that will ultimately help you save money and stay productive while keeping your store environment inviting and comfortable during the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

Guess who the PRSM2017 Keynote Speaker and Closing Entertainment is?

He’s fast and loud and they know how to CELEBRATE and have a good time! That’s right! You heard it here that RICHARD RAWLINGS, co-host of the wildly popular Fast N’ Loud TV show on Discovery Channel, motor mastermind, world record holder in the Cannonball Run, AND owner of Gas Monkey garage is our PRSM2017 Keynote Speaker! During his keynote, Rawlings will likely speak about his businesses, challenges, opportunities, taking risks and pursuing one’s dreams with the discipline and persistence that is required for success.

We aren’t stopping there with announcing our star-studded news this week! Kool & the Gang will be PRSM2017’s Closing Entertainment! Be sure you are there to bring your good times and your laughter, too. Watch a sneak preview of the amazing show in store.

Building on our already successful networking events including Retail Quick Connect, First Timers’ Experience, Golf Challenge and the Retailer and Supplier Networking Breakfasts, PRSM has added NEW opportunities to connect with your peers at PRSM2017. These include three events that benefit the PRSM charity: morning and afternoon bicycle rides, a VOA Charity event onsite at a local VOA facility, and a Retailer Only Meet & Greet prior to the Retail Quick Connect. These ‘outside the box’ style of networking events provide unique opportunities to make new connections and talk business while enjoying a nice change of scenery. Check the PRSM2017 National Conference Events Schedule for day/times and recommended arrival times. Register online for Early Bird Registration by February 28!



PRSM Supplier Talent Acquisition & Retention Benchmarking Report

The 2016 PRSM Benchmarking report, “PRSM Supplier Talent Acquisition & Retention Benchmarking Report,” found that 81 percent of PRSM Supplier survey respondents are talent competitors for the highly in-demand project managers and skilled trades professionals that PRSM Retailer Members depend on – HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, construction managers, general contractors, etc.

The report provides actionable and reliable information as well as next steps to create a plans for recruitment and employee engagement including sections on social media, how to measure quality hires and employing veterans.

The report also includes a checklist for successful workforce retention which includes action items for:

  • Onboarding
  • Compensation/benefits
  • Ongoing manager/employee discussions
  • Career development/growth
  • Communication
  • Training managers
  • Culture

Find the full report and checklist here.

Retailer Leverages Energy Management as a Service to Reduce Energy and Improve Operational Efficiency

Best_practices_cover.jpegThe 2016 Best Practice, “Retailer Leverages Energy Management as a Service to Reduce Energy and Improve Operational Efficiency” by James Walton, Vice President Product Strategy, EnTouch Controls shares a case study that describes how a retailer implemented an Energy Management as a Service model to achieve a 20 percent savings in kilowatt hours, (kWh) usage. To date the program has saved more than one million kWh, with an average reduction of 60,000 kWh per month.


Retail Facilities 101: Lighting

PRSM Online Education provides online courses that deliver the knowledge you need and an exceptional learning experience. Courses are available online 24/7/365, and videos can be stopped and resumed at a later time or day.

In the, “Retail Facilities 101: Lighting” course, Daniel Stone, Managing Director of Stonehaven Consulting, LLC, explains:

  • Basics of Light
  • Lighting Components
  • Sources of Light
  • Power Supplies
  • Fixtures
  • Controls
  • Role of Light in Retail
  • Life, Cost & Maintenance of Light
  • Projects & Regulations

 Retail Facilities 101 features nine dedicated courses for retail facility management professionals with basic technical trade knowledge that is valuable in the marketplace. PRSM members pay only $35 for each video course. A discount is applied if all courses are purchased at one time. Please email if you have any questions.