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Conference Video Sessions

PRSM’s focus is on presenting the latest industry specific information that enables retail facilities professionals to be their most creative and productive. This best of conference series features insight to enhance your job knowledge and professionalism.

Videos Available Now

  • Project Management: Successful Store Remodels
    So, you have been asked to remodel and refresh several stores in your fleet this coming year. Do you have an effective project plan in place? The planning phase of project management is key in avoiding delays, developing communication with your team and reducing cost overruns. 
  • Using Benchmarking Data and Tools to Fuel Your Team’s Success
    Maximize the value of your PRSM membership by utilizing all the tools and benchmarking data available from the Association. Members of the Benchmarking Committee and Tools Taskforce will explain how PRSM benchmarking and tool creation are integrated to assist you with complex decision-making. Then, you’ll hear about how other PRSM members are using benchmarking and PRSM tools within their organizations for cost savings and performance improvement. Lastly, the panel will walk you through the steps for developing top strategies to use benchmark data and PRSM tools effectively in your unique environment. 
  • Pros and Cons of Specialized FMs vs Generalists
    In the last few years, retailer organizations have hired specialized facilities management professionals instead of FM generalists. As we see this trend continue, the question is: “How will this affect retailer organizations that do not have these experts as part of their teams?” 
  • Repair, Replace, Defer: Evaluating and Managing Capital Assets
    You are one phone call away from having to make a snap decision! What data is necessary to determine and defend a capital acquisition or repair expense? Through a visual tour of a facility, you will learn three critical questions to ask each time to determine: replace, repair or defer? 
  • Strategic Sourcing in Canada: A Retailers Perspective
    Sourcing in the retail market in Canada has changed in the last few years as the economic climate has changed consumers’ attitudes and buying habits. Retailers have had to adapt and evolve to remain competitive within the retail marketplace, which has impacted how facilities managers source service providers and products.

  • PM Strategies and Technologies Paving the Path for Next Generation Rooftop HVAC Systems
    An overview of lab findings that uncover the impact of common faults found in preventive maintenance programs, which impacts HVAC performance, energy, and on-demand consumption. In addition, you will learn how the next generation of rooftop HVAC system technology can mitigate faults and optimize HVAC performance. 
  • Janitorial Workload Tool 2.0 (No Charge)
    An overview of PRSM’s Custodial Benchmarking Tool for Retailers, which is designed to help obtain more actionable data to lower costs and improve operations in the janitorial area. This video will help you learn more about how the tool can determine a scope of work suited to your organization and compare current processes to best practices. 

Video Fees

  • PRSM member - $35/video 
  • Non-PRSM member - $70/video