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Get Personalized Benchmarking Reports Exclusively from PRSM

PRSM is excited to roll out a new approach to collecting and reporting benchmarking data. This interactive, analytical benchmarking platform provides dynamic reporting and personalized results available only to PRSM members.     

What is Dynamic Benchmarking?

DynamicBenchmarkingImage-01.pngIt's a platform that collects raw data and turns it into valuable insights. PRSM will use this platform to host our annual Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry Overview   Benchmarking Survey. The Dynamic Benchmarking platform allows participants who have taken the survey to gain access to aggregated data so you can compare your results with the industry as a whole in an interactive and intuitive way while remaining anonymous. 

Who has access to the Dynamic Benchmarking Platform?

PRSM is launching the Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry Overview Benchmarking Survey next Tuesday, May 9 to all Primary Members of the organization. After completing the survey, you will be notified when aggregate data is available for you to begin reviewing and generating reports. Only PRSM members who have taken the survey will have access to this personalized data.

What can I get out of the Dynamic Benchmarking Platform?

- Insight into how your team is doing today compared to your peers.

- Instantly generate reports (available in Power Point and Excel formats) containing graphs and charts featuring big picture analyses, key performance indicators, ratios and more to present to C-Suite, Finance, Sales, Customers and more.

- Customizable views of data for reports that are unique and meaningful to your business needs.

What is the Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry Overview Benchmarking Survey?

This survey is the first that PRSM will offer via its Dynamic Benchmarking platform. It is an annual analysis and is intended to report the state of the retail multi-site maintenance industry and profession. Results will include, but are not limited to department organization, physical characteristics of stores, maintenance expenses, supplier management and more.

How do I participate in the Survey and Dynamic Benchmarking Platform?

PRSM Primary Members will receive a personal e-mail invitation to participate on Tuesday, May 9. Each member company is allowed one login. If your company has multiple brands and would like separate accounts, please email If you are the appropriate person in your organization to take this survey, but are not the Primary Member, please email so we can arrange for you to take the survey.

Learn More

1. Watch the video above to learn more about how PRSM's Dynamic Benchmarking platform can benefit you.

2. Email to sign up to take the survey if you are not the Primary Member of your organization.