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Get Personalized Reports with Dynamic Benchmarking


What is Dynamic Benchmarking?

Dynamic Benchmarking is a platform that collects raw data and turns it into valuable insights. PRSM uses this platform to host our annual Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry Overview Benchmarking Survey. The Dynamic Benchmarking platform is a one-stop shop survey for retailers and suppliers to gain access to aggregated data and compare industry results in an interactive and intuitive way while remaining anonymous

Why take the survey?

survey charts v2.png

  • Gain insights into how your team is doing today compared to your peers.
  • Instantly generate reports (available in PowerPoint and Excel formats) containing graphs and charts featuring big picture analyses, key performance indicators, ratios and more to present to C-Suite, finance, sales, customers and more.
  • Suppliers will gain access to the aggregate results of our retailer members by the end of 2017.
  • Customizable views of data for reports that are unique and meaningful to your business needs.
  • Receive a FREE 2017 Annual Benchmarking Report (includes templates, best practices, upcoming trends, and much more).

*If your company doesn’t participate in the benchmarking survey, you will receive snapshots of the benchmarking report. The full 2017 Annual Benchmarking Report can be purchased for $750 ($1,500 non-member price). *

How to participate?

Only PRSM members can participate. Primary members for each company have been sent the login information. Not a primary member? No problem! You can still participate in the survey. Contact your primary member or benchmarking@prsm for login information.

Login and take the survey today!



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