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Inside PRSM: December 6, 2017

Member News

Rite Aid/Walgreens restructuring plans begin

Rite Aid has completed the pilot closing and first subsequent closings under the amended and restated asset purchase agreement, resulting in the transfer of 97 Rite Aid stores and related assets to Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. Click here to read more.

Deadline to nominate new PRSM Board is December 15

We are looking for the best PRSM members to rise to the occasion and lead the association. Nominate a colleague or yourself to serve on the PRSM Board of Directors. Deadline for nominations is Friday, December 15, 2017. Click here for more information. Click here to submit a nomination online.

Welcome New Members
We are excited to welcome the following new individuals and member companies who recently joined PRSM. 

*Denotes new member companies



Andrew Pregakis

Pam Miller

Bryan Brummell

Sarah Taus

Tawnya Lehitnen

Francisco Torres

Brian Hahn

Lynne Duncan

Lululemon Athletica Canada, Inc.

Alysha Felder

Hillberg & Berk

Carrie-Lynn Stryletski

Guess, Inc.

Felix Wong

Burlington Stores

Andrew Congemi

Jenny Craig, Inc.

Michael Kiley


Telgian Corporation

Hugh Blair

Brad Vallem

VeraShield Rolled Moisture Barrier by GCP Applied Tech

Jennifer Chambers

Bonded Filter Co

Chris White

MC Sign Company

Ryan Goldberg

Prestige Maintenance USA

Ron Aultman

RSM Maintenance

Rick McMasters


Andi Larson

Quantum Facilities Services

Rentokil Steritech

Audrey Napoleon

Alternatives in Engineering, Inc.

Wayne Doherty

Recycling and Waste Solutions*

Jeff Roney

Eric Wolfe

Jason Browning

Quantum Facilities Services*

Darrin Simone

Avery Asphalt Inc.*

Faith Maronn

Andy Avery

All Climate Refrigeration*

Shannon Gray

Lacy Blanchette

Rachel Galpin

Industry News

The future of retail is looking bright

Even though mainstream media makes it sound like online sales are killing brick & mortar stores, more than 90 percent of retail sales still occur in physical stores.  And, 2018 is looking bright for retailers as sales are predicted to increase even more and top $5.5 trillion by 2020. Click here to read more.

How will the CVS/Aetna merger impact Facilities Management

CVS Health has agreed to buy Aetna for $69 billion in a deal that would combine the drugstore giant with one of the biggest health insurers in the United States—with the potential to reshape the nation’s health care industry. This merger will include shift in how CVS manages facilities and could be a harbinger of future retail mergers. Click here to read more.

Senate tax bill could have major impacts on renewable energy

The tax legislation passed by the U.S. Senate includes provisions that would have a significant impact on the renewable energy industry, should the bill pass through the House-Senate conference unchanged. To learn more, click here.


Legalization of Marijuana and Its Impact on Retail FM Webinar

As laws regarding marijuana use evolve, many employers have questions. You can find answers during the PRSM webinar scheduled for January 25, 2018 from 2:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. This special webinar will explain the different rights and options of both employers and employees, as it pertains to managing the use of marijuana at work. Learning Objectives for Employers and Management:

  • Outline how to address usage on the job, limitations on operating machinery.
  • Define safety requirements and unsafe work conditions.
  • Discuss management policies.
  • Insurance concerns – health, general liability and worker’s compensation.
  • Authorized medical conditions and implementation timelines.
  • Review current government policies and expected future changes

Click here to register.

PRSM2018 National Conference 

Registration for PRSM 2018 National Conference opens Friday, December 8, 2017. Don’t miss the best opportunity to connect, collaborate and contribute to the industry’s largest conference and trade show, April 9-11 in Nashville, Tennessee. Click here for more information or to purchase a booth.

Attention, Northern VA retailers and suppliers!

A public meeting announcing the development of a Salt Management Strategy (SaMS) for the Northern Virginia region will take place on January 17, 2018 in Arlington, VA. This is an opportunity for local residents, retailers and suppliers to learn about the impacts and challenges of snow and ice management, share information and thoughts on snow and ice management, and get involved in the process of developing a SaMS. Click here for more information.


PRSM Magazine November/December Issue—Unique Facility Management Needs for Banks

Every client presents unique challenges. FMs take pride in their ability to accommodate special requests, whether they be for retail locations or non-traditional retailers, such as banks, child care centers and medical facilities. To learn more about unique facility management needs for unretailers, click here.

Best Practice—Asset-Level and Supplier-Level Data Empower Retailers to Make the Best Decisions for the Brand and the Bottom Line

Facilities leaders have proven that sweating the details in two areas—suppliers and assets—can deliver enhanced financial results and improve quality support for operations partners. In this Best Practice by Susan Spring, Senior Director of Customer Success at Corrigo, learn how to develop a system used to measure performance in service level agreements (SLA).

Watch PRSM’s conference video sessions online

Couldn’t make it to Conference? Watch PRSM Conference sessions online. PRSM’s focus is on presenting the latest industry specific information that enables retail facilities professionals to be their most creative and productive. This best of conference series features insights to enhance your job knowledge and professionalism. Find available videos here.