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Member Feedback is Key

Your feedback is critical to the continuing success of PRSM. The Voice (formerly Member Advisory Committee) was formed in 2016 to ensure that member feedback is both heard and actioned. As the name implies, this committee’s purpose is to be the Voice of the PRSM membership.


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Member Feedback In Action

Your feedback helps us make PRSM better! Check out the improvements that The Voice and PRSM staff have already implemented based directly on your input:

You asked for:

We delivered:
More retailer/supplier interaction on the exhibition floor.
New activities at Mid-Year Conference
Team race car game in exhibit hall
Scavenger hunt driving participants to exhibitor booths
Easier to read conference name badges.
New badge format
Increased size of attendee name
Prominent company placement
New conference committee formed to help drive improvement to future PRSM conferences

And, there is more to come at PRSM2018 National Conference!

New & Improved Retail Quick Connect
Two dedicated sessions, two different days
More one-on-one time
Larger room, more private setting
More Networking Opportunities
More retailer and supplier joint events
Exhibition Hall Traffic
Additional interactive events
Education opportunities in the exhibit hall