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Inside PRSM: March 7, 2018

Member News

PRSM Board of Directors election underway – vote today!

The PRSM Board of Director election is now underway and all primary PRSM members are encouraged to vote! Only the primary member from each member company may vote in the election.

Primary members received an email Tuesday that included a link to the voting site. Due to changes on the current Board, the ballot has changed and even if the primary member voted previously, they will need to re-vote. Primary members need to vote for two retail candidates and two supplier candidates. Voting will continue until Monday, March 19. To learn more about the candidates, click here.  

Target plans to remodel 1,000 stores by the end of 2020

target.pngIn 2018, Target will remodel 28 stores from top to bottom in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. These remodels are part of Target's strategic efforts to update over 1,000 stores by the end of 2020. Click here to read more.

Welcome New Members
We are excited to welcome the following new individuals and member companies who recently joined PRSM. 

*Denotes new member companies



Minerva Rodriguez

Lucy Hernandez

Ben Bridge Jewelers

Leighton Ebert

Jarrad Venegas

United Rentals

Erin Keating


Tim Stevenson

John Dienes

Jeff Larson

Jen Cicinelli


Michael Fox


FrontStreet Facility Solutions, Inc.

Margaret Hutzel


Annie Atlas

Cheryl Donahue

Dan Kasper

5 Star Solutions*

Jeremy Urfer

Kip Kaulfuerst

Murphy Oil USA, Inc.

Cory Hendrix

Industry News

NRF and RILA oppose Trump tariffs

President Donald Trump’s push to place new tariffs on aluminum and steel could hit consumers (and retailers and suppliers) in the wallet. Click here to read more.

Retailers turn to disabled in tight retail market

usatoday.pngWith the low 4.1 percent unemployment rate making it tougher for employees to hire and retain workers, more are bringing on Americans with disabilities who have struggled to find jobs. This untapped talent pool is already bringing value to retail roles as more stores begin recruiting disabled workers. To read more, click here.

Retail’s new dawn: the end of the “retail apocalypse”

Change is happening in the world of physical retail—much of it revolves around new and emerging technology. From new ways to interact with customers to improving store experiences, tech appears to be leading the revolution. Click here to read more.


PRSM Foundation Sponsorships available for PRSM2018 National Conference

prsmnatllogo.pngThere are currently two PRSM Foundation sponsorships available for PRSM2018 National Conference for the Charity Project. For more information or to sponsor the Luncheon & Transportation or Caps, click here.

Three reasons to arrive early to PRSM2018 National Conference

  1. Participate in PRSM Sports networking events (golf or hockey) - Arrive by Sunday morning, April 8
  2. Volunteer for the PRSM Foundation’s first official charity event - Arrive by Sunday evening, April 8
  3. Engage in one of three Power of Education workshops! - Arrive by Sunday evening, April 8

Pre-registration is required for these events. Register online today to attend #PRSM2018.

Join PRSM for a night of networking in San Francisco  

On March 15, join your peers for a PRSM Local Connect networking event in San Francisco, California from 4:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. Grab your business cards and join your peers! Click here to register or for more information.


Network and ask questions on the PRSM X-Change forum

The PRSM X-Change forum is a great way to get involved, ask questions and learn from other PRSM members. Click here to view the X-Change Communities.

Best Practice—Increase Productivity and Decrease Stop-Services Through Third-Party Inspection Services

best practices.png

Retailers can receive by-law citations, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Fines (EPA) fines or encounter stop-service in trash collection due to the incorrect disposal of material in trash bins provided. In this Best Practice, learn how to develop a program to eliminate fines and stop-services.

PRSM Magazine March/April Issue—The Skills Gap Crisis

marchaprilcover.pngThere is a gap between the skills needed by members of the retail facilities management industry and the skills available in today’s emerging workforce. The gap, however, is not limited to retail FM—which exacerbates the challenge as FMs and their suppliers look for employees with trade, technology and management skills. Click here to read more.