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Inside PRSM: August 8, 2018

Member News

PRSM Foundation announces Mid-Year Conference charity project

tjdxkzsq.pngThe PRSM Foundation is excited to announce the PRSM Impact charity project for Mid-Year Conference: The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale. All PRSM supplier and retailer members are encouraged to participate and donate time, money and supplies. Companies who provide volunteers or other support will be recognized for contributions! Click here to read more. Interested in a sponsorship for the PRSM Impact charity project? Click here to view available sponsorships. 

Walmart to use robots to fill grocery pickup orders

Walmart’s new grocery pickup technology, called Alphabot, will retrieve items for online orders and bring them from storage to store associates. The technology will free up time for Walmart associates, who no longer have to wander store aisles in search of products. Click here to read more.

Welcome New Members
We are excited to welcome the following new individuals and member companies who recently joined PRSM. 

*Denotes new member companies


Curo Financial Technologies Corp.

Marlene Martone

Randy Preston

Todd Wessel

Party City

Jesica Rodriguez

Savers, Inc.

Alan Franklin


Signarama SATX*

Bruce Ahlswede

Marvin Miller

Emily Spickler

Royal Services

Kathy David

Christopher Salva

Bradley Shyver

Electrical Solutions MD Inc*

Devon Myers

James Malet


Jenny Lashinski

Samantha Agee

Brent Lindell

20 Digits*

Jon Brumbaugh

E&Ts National Fix*

Euresha Ten-Hue

Tamara Haynes

Industry News

Is clicks-to-bricks the new brick-to-clicks?

Missguided_fashion_online-retail_ecommerce_shopfront_supplied-5-696x464.jpgAs struggling retailers leave brick-and-mortar to focus on the less-costly online format, a new opportunity for successful online retailers has emerged. Click here to read more about the rise of e-tailers opening physical stores.

July retail jobs increase 66,000 over 2017

Retail industry employment in July increased by 66,000 jobs unadjusted over the same time last year, showing ongoing industry growth. Click here to read more.

Green energy glut creates negative pricing problems

wind-turbines.0.0.pngWith the rise of green energy, power prices are slipping to zero or even below. Periods with negative prices occur when there is more supply than demand, which has forced traditional oil and gas plants to shut down production. Click here to read more.


Free hotel night and personalized networking available now for MYC

Early bird registration ends August 24 (Register online at

Retailers: Register for Retail Quick Connect and receive one free hotel night at Mid-Year Conference. Participate in Power Connect Hosted Retailer Program and stay free Friday night! 

Suppliers: Contact and register a retailer and receive 10 priority points for every retailer you bring in! 

Canada East and West registration now open

Register online for the PRSM Canada East and West Events at These two incredible events share the same program—join your FM peers for the location convenient for you. 

Retailers, register for your own focus group where you set the agenda!

Choose the city closest to you and create an agenda focused on your unique challenges and priorities as a retailer. Click here to view. In addition to the cities listed, you also can attend this forum-style discussion at PRSM Mid-Year Conference. Don’t forget to check out other PRSM events online and open for registration here.


Facilities Management Webinar – RFMP Town Hall

180501RFMP logo.jpgDon’t miss your last chance to earn the Retail Facilities Management, RFMP, designation! In this town hall webinar, Stephanie Moon, RFMP, Vice President, Education & Resources, and Anne Aleman, RFMP, Senior Manager, Knowledge Engagement & Resources, will explain how to earn your designation before the end of the year, and answer questions about the phasing out of the designation. Click here to register.

Take the RFMP Exam before December 31, 2018

The Retail Facilities Management Professional (RFMP) exam is available until December 31, 2018. Click here to read more about the changes to the RFMP designation.

To take the RFMP exam, set up an account and register online. You can select a convenient date, time and testing location. Exams are administered at proctored testing facilities located across the United States and Canada. To set up an account and view testing facility locations click here.

Snapshot says 28 percent of PRSM members proactively seek out veterans when hiring

PRSM Association recently created a task force to discover how the multi-site facilities management industry can support military veterans through mentorship programs, job fairs and creating resources to help companies serve veteran employees. The PRSM Benchmarking Committee created the Veterans in the Facility Management Industry Benchmarking Snapshot to illustrate how PRSM members currently. recruit, train and assist military veterans. Download the snapshot here.